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5 min readJan 31, 2020

The ultimate actualization of any brand is to get consumers to buy into their why, their purpose and their values. Every brand wants to be the first choice to all human beings, and animals and plants and aliens too (because who doesn’t want to rule the universe? 😈😈)

Brands communicate to the world through colors, images, jingles, motion pictures and so much more. A week ago we discussed the role of imagery in the brand anatomy listing a few things to consider when conjuring that image to post on your socials and on billboards. Another amazing way to communicate your brand is just saying it (or writing it). Fun fact; it is pretty straightforward sometimes and it could be as simple as saying what’s on your heart. In most cases though, it requires some level of expertise to spew out the right words.

Trolling Netflix by Netflix. Smart or nah?

Copywriting (which is different from copyrighting- we know most of you get confused 🤔) has evolved over many years. From simple but painstakingly handwritten posters (they did not have photocopiers and printers to duplicate) in the 1400's to Ads that keep popping up in between your YouTube videos. One thing is for sure, your copy is your voice. It is a great way to showcase the personality of your brand. It is the widely used medium to say what exactly your brand wants to offer. Get their attention, appeal to their senses and be on the same page as them or drive them away.

An example of perfect combination of copy, imagery and medium to send a brand message.

To this date, there is one copy that still makes us shimmy just thinking about it. The Coca Cola Brr Campaign took the world by storm with just an onomatopoeic word (sound). You know you want to do it right now😏. Okay let’s do it together; BRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Felt good right? Makes you want to get a bottle of coke right now doesn’t it? ☺️

Brrrrrrrrrrrreeezyyyy on the Coke side of life.

“It’s a concept that started intrinsically with the feeling of an ice-cold Coca-Cola but which, over time came to mean so much more.” — ADVERTISING NEWS SOUTH AFRICA

Coca Cola took a very relatable feeling that you get when you get into contact with icy cold stuff. Molded it into their brand and made you feel part of a worldwide community sharing the same feeling. It went beyond the language barrier bringing together people from all walks of life. It was brrr on the coke side of life and we will all agree that they did get their profits reeling in using this approach.

Only the OG’s will remember this guy lol.

Club Ghana is making use of “Charlie”; a word that is affectionately used among guys and girls in Ghana when they are just hanging out. This word association has made it so easy for anyone to think of bringing out a bottle of club whenever the boys gather to watch a football match or to just catch up on each other’s lives at the end of a tough or productive week. They went further in 2018, customizing it for the world cup (Charlie won shi jama), meaning “Charlie sing morale lifting songs”. In the spirit of cheering on our national team as they participated in the South Africa World Cup 2018. On the other hand, it annoys others because the spelling of the ‘Charlie’ is actually ‘Chale’

Whenever you’re seeking to make a local impression and vibe with the people, try to stay relatable as possible and avoid misappropriation or misspelling if you can 😌

At this point, you understand that copywriting is very important in your brand positioning. In creating a copy for your brand, you must look out for these things.

The copy must be relatable to your consumers. It should be a tool that helps create a community for your consumers to belong.

The copy must be as simple and straightforward as possible. Stick to the truths

The copy must be able to communicate your value to your consumers. Let them know what they get out of sharing in your ideals.

As a bonus,

The copy should be catchy, whether fun or serious, it should be able to stick in the heads of your consumers and be passed on. It should be contagious.

“Give people a reason why they should buy a product,” -Clayton Makepeace.

A copy’s lifespan depends on the timeline of the campaign. And how the brand keeps echoing it. The brrr was a campaign for a period (but I believe most people remember “feel the happiness” and “just do it”. Because these have been developed into taglines to last possibly forever. There has to be constant research and use of copy that relate with the times. Listen to and observe the reactions from your audience and feed back into your copy.

Whew! You could say that is a huge responsibility for just words to accomplish. Well yeah! Copy has so much power and when well honed and placed, your brand can shut down the world, and galaxy! (because we definitely want to rule the world now. 😉)

If this made you smile, come back and check out next week’s post ;)


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