Marketing is primal

Photo credit: Pexels/pixabay cc0 public domain.

There are simply too many books and websites about marketing, so you may feel overwhelmed and aren’t even sure where to begin when you desire to learn more about marketing.

Despite marketing being a subject of many experts and scholars, at the very basic level, it is about generating a desire — a primal desire that comes from the “animal” part of our brains.

It has been said that when you are selling something, you are either selling pain or pleasure.

Or, more precisely, every marketing message boils down to either one of these two:

  1. A way out of your pain.
  2. A way to attain some type of pleasure.

The “way out of your pain” is essentially a solution proposed to address consumers’ (perceived or actual) problem.

On the other hand, “pleasure” marketing appeals to desires for status, vanity, recognition, or achievement. What you would be selling may not be an absolute human necessity, but is seen as something that would create a feeling of pleasure.

This is why the proverbial “selling ice cream on a snowy day” can be difficult. In a freezing temperature, ice cream is not a way out of the suffering of heat, but rather a multiplier of discomfort. At the same time, a great marketer who “can sell ice cream on a snowy day” would craft the marketing message around pleasure.

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