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Truffle 5.0.6, complex maths for solidity and what if quantum computers break us?

Blockchain Dev Weekly Digest 04.03.19

In this weeks Blockchain Developer Weekly Digest we take a look at what has happened with the networks over the past week, showcase noteworthy updates of some popular libraries and highlight some new ones. I’ve also included a couple of masterful articles from Richard Moore and Band Protocol.

Networks Updates

Ethereum Constantinople fork went well. First CREATE2 was executed


First things first, honourable mention, Ethereum's Constantinople fork went ahead successfully on 28th of February. The first few contracts created via the CREATE2 opcode were executed successfully. I look forward to massive improvements from state channels and meta transactions projects.

Libraries updates

Truffle 5.0.6 Released


Truffle has released a new version. Major improvements are made on the truffle debugger and the output of the compiler.

  • On the debugger side, massive enhancements are made on the decoding of solidity data types. Also, remaining gas is displayed while debugging.
  • Some small breaking changes were introduced for the debugger too, but this is only applicable to people using the debugger programatically.
  • On the compiler output, the compile command now outputs the version of the compiler that is used for the current execution.
  • In addition a new command for fetching and storing certain solc version is also now available.

Web3js updated


Web3.js has released a new version — beta 47.

This version consists of large amount of bugfixes and improvements to the accounts and decoder modules.

New Libraries

Lambdeth — library for working with arrays


Fun new little library for working with arrays has come to life. The name of the new library is Lambdeth and aims to allow the Solidity developers to work much easier with arrays. Some common programming things the library can do — concat, contains, map, filter, slice and unique.

Elliptic Curve Library to work with more than secp256k1


Brand new library has been released allowing us to work with elliptic curves that are not the Ethereum standard secp256k1. You will now be able to use other curves for your cryptography and do the same verifications as the ones ecrecover allows. Curves supported by the library:

  • secp256r1
  • prime256v1
  • p256

Tutorials & Articles

Article — If Quantum Computing was to break the Ethereum Network


Richard Moore, the author of ethers.js and multitude of other projects, has gone above and beyond to research and think about the possibility of Quantum Computing. In his article, he describes areas where quantum computing will prove much problematic and suggestions on how we can safeguard ourselves against these problems.

Tutorial — Complex maths expressions in solidity


BandProtocol — a toolkit for building decentralized curation communities — has published a wonderful tutorial/article on how one can actually encode and evaluate complex mathematical expressions in solidity.

This, of course, is a major topic for anyone working with bonding curves and TCRs, so take a look at this article and make the most of it yourselves.

Look forward to next week…

Minerva Aeternity Hard Fork Coming


Aeternity network is supposed to have it’s first hard fork on 6th of March. This hard fork will bring many improvements, mostly on the stability of the network and major improvements of the the natively built state channels.

EthCC this week


Last but not least, Ethereum Community Conference is happening this week in Paris. Long list of speakers there so tune in for news and knowledge coming out of France. Also, I will be there, so if you see me and wanna chat with me or tell me how much my videos suck, please do come and do so. See ya in Paris!

About the author: George Spasov, Co-founder and Blockchain Architect @LimeChain, has developed multitude of blockchain projects — public and private — and is prominent member of several blockchains communities. He is most recognised for his work on Etherlime — the ECF and ETHPrize ethers.js-based development and deployment framework, LimePay — the UX solution for executing blockchain transactions with credit card and being one of the first members of the MetaCartel — the meta-transactions community.



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