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Manufacturing and assembly of QualiCal PFR lime kilns

First part of the story— Kalkwerke H. Oetelshofen

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Since its foundation in 1970 by Werner Hoffmeier, it expanded constantly to a company with a production area of more than 25.000 square meters, spread over various industrial production facilities. Here our production operates with highly qualified staff and modern machinery equipment.
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QualiPOOL-partner for construction of QualiCal Synthesis® PFR lime kilns for more than 10 years!

QualiCal is an established partner on the global lime market since 1996 in developing and engineering of twin shaft PFR lime kilns with the special Synthesis® design. This special design guaranteed an efficient production of high quality quick lime. In 2006 our cooperation with QualiCal within QualiPOOL started with the construction of a QualiCal PFR-kiln for Kalkwerke H. Oetelshofen GmbH & Co. KG, first QualiCal kiln in Germany and second worldwide.

2005/2006 — First milestone — Synthesis® 85 (400 t/d) for Kalkwerke H. Oetelshofen GmbH & Co. KG (KHO)

With placing their trust in QualiCal Synthesis® PFR-technology, KHO decided in April 2005 for a new, innovative way of lime calcination.

In October 2005 we received the order from KHO for the manufacture and assembly of approx. 550 t steel structures and sheet metal constructions for this new kiln.

After a period of time for engineering and manufacturing we started with the assembly on site in May 2006.

According to our assembly concept for this first QualiCal kiln, the parts were supplied in sizes, transportable with a normal truck. Most of the preassembly work was done on site.

Top of the kiln was reached at the end of 2006.

According to sound reduction expertise it was necessary, to cover the complete top of the kiln with a sound reducing cover (supporting steel construction equipped with sound protection panels). Preassembly of this cover was done on ground floor in 2 parts.

A highlight at the end of the assembly period was the installation of these 2 cover parts on top of the kiln!

Commissioning of the first KHO Synthesis® PFR lime-kiln was successful done in January/February 2007. At the end, all the customer’s expectations regarding performance, quality of quick lime and economical aspects were more as fulfilled and a next chapter in KHO-PFR-kiln history followed!

2010/2011/2012 — Continuation of a successful story — Second Synthesis® 85 (400 t/d) for Kalkwerke H. Oetelshofen GmbH & Co. KG

Also due to the very good experience with the first QualiCal Synthesis® PFR lime kiln, KHO decided

in 2010 to build a second QualiCal Synthesis®85 PFR lime kiln.

For the realization KHO relied upon the same partners as for the first kiln, thus in July 2010 we received the order for the manufacture and assembly of again approx. 550 t steel structures and sheet metal constructions for this second kiln.

Contrary to our assembly concept for the first kiln we decided for this second kiln to supply the kiln parts in oversized dimensions, as big as possible but still transportable.

Due to new manufacturing facilities and lifting equipment 
(2 x overhead crane with a capacity of 150 t/each crane), 
 it was possible for us to manufacture and handle large components up to a total weight of 300 t.

Lower supporting framework and lime extracting drawers were manufactured and preassembled completely in one piece at our workshop with a dimension of L 10,0 m, W 5,5m, H 4,0 m and a total weight of 83 t.

After a long permission procedure for the second kiln, the assembly work on site started in November 2011.

Preassembly of the steel construction was in most cases done on the ground floor. After preassembly we lifted these units with mobile cranes into their final positions.

Finally the sound reducing cover was placed on top of the kiln.

The result at the end was impressive!

Commissioning of the second Synthesis® 85 (400 t/d) PFR lime kiln for Kalkwerke H. Oetelshofen GmbH & Co. KG was successfully completed in October 2012! Again, all the customer’s expectations were fulfilled!

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