About LimeTray

6 out of 10 restaurants shut down in less than an year of starting up & this is not because they serve bad food or are expensive but because they are just not run in best possible way. Watching all this good food go to waste is sad so that’s what we are trying to change — one restaurant at a time.

LimeTray makes products that help restaurants run better. We help restaurants get online, help them engage with their customers and help them optimise their operations through a suite of products.

In only three years, we have built successful relationships with some of the top brands in India including Burger King, KrispyKreme, Mad Over Donuts, Bercos and nearly 2000 others!

We believe strongly in our people and they consistently surprise and motivate us to grow. This is a place for us to celebrate their unique contribution in making LimeTray awesome.

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