Being Mindful at LimeTray

How iExcel Integrate helped our employees reduce stress and increase productivity

This month we had our first every iExcel Integrate Workshop which takes a very holistic approach towards work by balancing mental wellbeing and honing leadership skills to elicit the best outcomes. The workshop offers employees a stress reduction program, management mantras, relationship building and other skills to increase their wellbeing and productivity at work.

“Its a beautiful blend of the contemporary and the ancient methodologies. It makes a manager not only more efficient and productive, but also triggers intuition, increases energy and blossoms creativity”
— Priyanka from iExcel Integrate
iExcel Integrate at LimeTray

One lesson that we learned

According to the participants, one of the main takeways from the weekend session was the 4 qualities of a leader and great team player:

  • Enthusiastic
  • Creative & learning continuously
  • Dynamic and not restless
  • Committed to the task

What our people had to say

Victoria (Operations): “I learnt how to manage teams better using the LDCE Matrix — which stands for Listen / Discuss / Consult / Educate”

Sanjeev (Operations): “I am fresh and full of energy for the entire day. I can work longer.

Saurabh (Operations): “I learnt how to handle high pressure situations and that sharing your skills with other people leads to the progress of the team”

Abhishek (Tech): “Those four days were very enthusiastic and full of joy. It was so good that I wouldn’t think for a second before recommending the program to anyone either from my friends or family.

Do you want to attend a session?

For those who want to experience this workshop too, we will be running a few more sessions. Get in touch with Karthik, Nikhil or Anshul for more details.

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