In My Shoes: Customer Success Associate

A day in the life of Pinky Rawat at LimeTray

I joined LimeTray back in April 2016. As a Customer Success Associate I help clients run their business smoothly. In this post I’m going to show you what it’s like to be a Customer Success Associate at LimeTray for a day!

Getting up in the morning with new goals, be it towards work or personal life, gets me to get brushed for the day.

So I reach office around 10:15 and meet up with my colleagues. I go upstairs, grab my coffee and start assigning work to myself. I look into my emails and see if there is anything pending from the previous day. Once that’s done I go out with my friends and eat (Usually Fries :P ).

When I come back, I make a few calls to the clients to ask for feedback and look into various client issues. But when there is a lull I try and explore our products like POS, Pulse, Merchant Dashboard etc. and listen to music. Examining what our products do for our clients by looking at the actual numbers from these products makes me feel like my work makes a difference.

Looking at the data gives me happiness!

When I’m on break my colleagues and I discuss the various types of clients (funny, dumb or ‘rotlu’) we had to deal with today. We get a lot of funny clients.

Like today, when I called up a client and I said to him “sir, you are using our POS…,” he replied “veg or non-veg?”

The work is slow between 3–5 PM but after 6–6:30 the requests just keep coming in.

My work involves talking to the client, solving for their problems (POS Issues) and getting to know what feature improvements they would like on the product.

I usually pack up after 8:00 Pm. Reach home around 10–10:30 pm and spend a the last few hours of my day relaxing.

At the end of a long day at work, getting good feedback from clients and Account Managers about my handling of queries…their appreciation is what motivates me to keep at it!

-Pinky Rawat