LimeTray Old Timer: Sanchit Mehta

Our Finance Head celebrates 2 years with LimeTray today…

To commemorate this day, we decided to ask a few people in the company who Sanchit is and what they think he does. Here are some of the best responses.

Sanchit Mehta — The Money Man

Sooraj E: “He’s the finance guy…he does finance things..?”

Preet Vasudev: “The ‘Munim’ of LimeTray…Sanchit makes everybody happy once a month.”

Arjun Ahuja: “Sanchit is the Money Man. [what does he do?] He annoys people about salaries and facilities :D”

Shekhar Kapoor: “Sanchit is the Company’s ‘Chachaji’. He goes around distributing gifts to children, but never when they need it!”

Pinky Rawat: “He’s the ‘Paise-Bachao’ Guy of LimeTray!”

Prayank Madan: “The office Sanchit? I’m not the right person to ask….”

Kshitij Bali: “He’s the guy who never picks up the phone. He has a method — when he sees the phone ring he puts the number in TrueCaller immediately and THEN decides if it’s safe to pick up!”

Karthik Manjunath: “Sanchit is a Punjabi who acts like a Marwari. [what does he do?] What do I say…I want my salary!”

Ribha Rathore: “He’s the finance-facilities-admin-and-anything-else-you-can-think-of-guy. :P He makes me follow up with him countless times!”

Akhilesh Bali (CEO): “Yes Sanchit is known to be all of this & more. My Happay is out of money as i write this. But jokes apart, he’s handled everything that Piyush and I couldn’t over last two years. From landlords, to construction folks, to tshirt vendors, to paying off the thullas during monthly mayhem. He has stitched his own role over time. And as his twitter bio says — he’s always fixing something or the other at LimeTray.”

Piyush Jain (Co-founder): “One instance comes to my mind when I think about Sanchit — so one day I call Sanchit from Bangalore while going to the airport because all my cards are blocked and I won’t be able to pay for the cab if my card doesn’t work. Two typical Sanchit things happened that day (besides my cards being blocked) — he was able to get my card activated when I was 5 minutes away from the airport and for the first time I experienced the “ok bye” moment when he cut my phone when I had finished a sentence, and not the conversation.

If I had to use one word to describe Sanchit — it would be Hustler. He has been running finance / internet / water / cafe as small start-ups within LimeTray with his own ohh-s**t moments but always solving for one problem at a time! He has really come a long way from his first project of setting-up our new office to now handling so many other things now!”

Congratulations on your Work Anniversary, Sanchit. You make LimeTray awesome!