Product Spotlight: Order Online

What goes into making and selling LimeTray’s Oldest Product

Q: Was the making of Order Online eventful or smooth sailing?

Piyush (Product): I’ll tell you a story and you’ll know. Last year, the release of Order Online version 4 was delayed and the new release time coincided with one of our Monthly Mayhems. Obviously, because of the release, no one from the Order Online team could attend the Mayhem and we ended up with just 6 people at the party. I think I still have bad karma from that incident…

Q: How does Order Online help our clients?

Abhishek (City GM): “Order Online gives our clients the autonomy to run their own business, without depending on aggregators”

Rajarshi (Sales): “With everyone buying food online, restaurants had to be present where their customers were. Not being able to do that on their own meant losing 20–30% of their revenue. LimeTray Order Online presented the opportunity to start processing these orders on their own, without having to invest a lot in tech or having to worry about scale.

Moreover converting more customers onto their own portal meant their own loyal customers weren’t looking for food elsewhere.”

LimeTray Order Online has helped restaurateurs keep their customers close, know what they want and give them that.

Mohit (Sales): “When I have a meeting with a prospect, sometimes they’ll resist the cost of the service. So I ask them how many orders they get from online platforms. I can clearly demonstrate the power of the online market and show them how we can help leverage it. In the end they earn more profits with LimeTray Order Online.”

Q: What do clients ask most of the time? — Sales Team

  • “Koi website kholta bhi hai order karne ke liye?”
  • “Order aane ki guarantee hai?”
  • “Can you give us the source code?” (lol sure)
  • “This will be my own order-online? On my own website? I will be like Dominos?”

And this common exchange…

Client: “How many orders will I get on my website? This one company promised me this many.”

Us: “You can get as many orders as you want. But no one can, or should promise orders, there is no way to guarantee that.”

Client: “Exactly! that’s what I said to them. Ok so tell me now, how many orders will you get for me on my website every day?”

Q: Why is Order Online a great product?

Aneesh (Product): Having a reliable Order Online system helps the merchant focus on food and service, without having to worry about getting orders and receiving online payments. And with v6 we are going to take this experience to a whole new level.

LimeTray Order Online has singlehandedly resulted in over a million unassisted transactions for clients.