This Diwali, we spread the Light

Diwali at LimeTray, 2016

Our team came to work in the morning, to be greeted with a little surprise.

Courtesy of Instagram @limetray and @limetraybangalore
The Winning Photo

The better part of the day in Delhi was spent competing to win the Diwali Photo Challenge. The rules: have fun and represent most departments.

Later, we set up a makeshift photobooth and this happened…

LimeTray Delhi
This Diwali, instead of just making our offices brighter, we decided to spread the light.

Animals are badly affected by Diwali celebrations, and we learnt about a few adorable dogs at the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre who could do with some help and care.

Our employees pitched in and the company matched them penny for penny. Together we raised enough money to sponsor three adorable dogs (that’s one more than we had targeted!) at the centre for a whole year. We hope we made their Diwali just a little brighter!

At Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre with Ms Ambika Shukla, Director (right)