Conference audio now available

As our conversation about the Venice Ghetto and Jewish space continues online, you can also reconsider the original conference proceedings. The audio recording from the Liminal Spaces and the Jewish Imagination conference is now available online.

Panel 1: Sculptural and Literary Israeli Space

Amanda Sharick, University of California, Riverside: “Envisioning “Friends” (2011) and “Brotherhood” (2013) in Haifa: Yosl Bergner and Contested Histories of Cooperation/Coercion in ‘Mixed’ City Spaces.”

Chen Bar-Itzhak, Ben-Gurion University: “The Dissolution of Utopia: Literary Representations of Haifa, from Herzl’s Altneuland to Later Israeli Writing”

Respondent: Professor Bruce Thompson, University of California, Santa Cruz

Panel 4: Virtual Jewish Spaces

Lee Jaffe, University of California, Santa Cruz: “The Jewish Anthology: A Space For Negotiating Jewish Identity.”

Caroline Luce, University of California, Los Angeles: “Reconstructing the Landscape of Yiddish Culture in “Dos Durem-Land Baym Yam (The Southland by the Sea).”

Respondent: Rachel Deblinger, CLIR Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of California, Santa Cruz.