How to invest in our Pre-ICO + IBM Partnership

sidney sissaoui
Dec 21, 2017 · 4 min read

We are glad. Around ten months ago, when we first began to work on Liminality, we would have never thought that we would be that well received by the community.

In a matter of days, as we write those lines, we have already reached more than 2350 persons, registered on our Telegram group. This was mainly due to our successful marketing campaign, and thanks to the big support from the community of a major francophone financial forum.

… And now we unveil one of the secrets we had kept well hidden. We think that now is the right time to unveil it:

As you probably know, our AI will be semi-decentralized at first, using IBM Watson® at its core to perform user driven Machine Learning. That means that we are a client, and that we can negotiate the contract. In that contract, we explicitly demand to get a representative of IBM on our front page. Here is our special partnership.

We also unveil our advisor that we kept secret on the Team Page. It is… Angelo Melis, founder of LwF !

We have also received many requests to change our name since we had many complains of it not to be easy to remember. We will hold a poll next week, gathering ideas from the community. Do not remember that this is only the start, and as you invest right now, you will be able to join a unique adventure and have a weight in the every direction we take. We want to build a beautiful community and we consider you as its core.

The Pre-ICO will take place tomorrow at 20h UTC (EDIT: 26th December at 20h UTC). Those funds will help us gain even more legitimacy, and also to help us get more influencers on board. With that new market we create, the market of Digital Companions, and with the technology we build, we will gather thousands and thousands of supporters. And as we unveil our MVP, media will talk En Masse of the first unstoppable and decentralized Artificial Intelligence that lives in the blockchain.

During the Pre-ICO, 6% of the entire supply will be sold, with a hard cap limited to 1 Million of US Dollars. We accept ETH and BTC.

The price will be 4 Limins = 1 dollar. Each time a transaction is acknowledged (only one first confirmation needed), your contribution will be converted into LIMIN at Coinmarketcap’s value, this will protect investors from Market’s fluctuations. The redistribution of those limins will not happen until the end of the public ICO.

To participate to our Pre-ICO, please follow the simple steps as mentioned in the following screens. That’s all. The Ether way of investing is exactly the same. You can directly invest from any wallet, and from any exchange directly.

Starting from tomorrow 3pm, the Telegram Aidrop will be disabled, to foster discussions to bloom.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us on our Telegram group if you got any question. Last but not least, we will have a new bounty program in less than two weeks, we will keep you posted.

On behalf of the Liminality Network team,



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