The End of a Story.

sidney sissaoui
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3 min readDec 30, 2017


Dear Community,

Before anything, let me reassure you right away.

This is not an Exit Scam.

We are facing a difficult time, especially me, the founder. We suffered from a very bad launch and the momentum did no take off as planned.

As a matter of results, we were supposed to deliver our MVP in march. The simple fact that I am the only person in the team working on it at full time hinders our ability to deliver it on times. Especially the fact that we came to be overwhelmed with questions, and also from spammers from the Airdrop campaign. Things would be different if we funded the project on day 1.

I personally can not keep up with the flow neither. I spent too many all nighters. So why exiting right now despite we are supposed to have 28 days remaining in front of us ?

The reason is simple. Our active members are developers. And we were not sufficiently prepared for that. This is a mistake on our part. As a matter of fact, the refunds emails have been sent, and as of know the Pre-ICO is immediately suspended — forever. If you did not receive the email, check your spams. Otherwise contact me on Telegram or on .

We did sincerely believed in the project. The huge amount of work, especially for me, make us face the difficult reality of entrepreneurship.

We can keep going, but the game is not worth it anymore.

At the state of how things are and due to the fact that we were now forced to go full marketing for the Pre-ICO to succeed, I am not sure if we can deliver our MVP on time as promised, nor if the future ICO would be a success, since all of our available resources were directed into Marketing instead of our product. Therefore, I do not want to risk our investors’ money anymore since we got so bad results. As you might know, we did not succeed in creating a FOMO feeling on the very first hours of the Pre-ICO and that was fatal.

But let’s see it another way. We lived a beautiful experience, albeit short indeed. I want to particularly thanks the users of this forum. They helped me tremendously — they account for more that 70% of the investors, totaling more than 40k dollars invested.

Also, I still think we did exceptionally well compared to many other platforms. The main thing which was lacking was… proper investment fundings. We raised the equivalent of 67 000 dollars, despite we did not invest anything on marketing. We relied exclusively on our own skills to raise money with the Pre-ICO to fund the ICO. It would have been a success, or not. We shall never know.

I want to thanks that new community manager that helped us handle our Telegram and bring new people. I want to thanks that Journalist that offered us to cover our fundraising for the Swiss television. I want to thanks that designer that helped us refine our homepage. And I want to thanks everyone else that believed in us, and trusted us.

I hope you will understand it. I took that decision for you, facing the harsh results, and going on would be too difficult.

But, we did not lose our works and beliefs. It still exists here for anybody who is willing to carry on and prevent that gloom fate that all await us due to the Singularity approaching, Because we do sincerely believe in the Salvation potential that the Blockchain and Liminality can bring us.

We were and we always are transparent with all of you. The only concrete thing we lost is time. Our hopes and ideals will remains.

Thank you for your trust.

Until the Singularity.