Demo Experience & Trading Championship

Which buy strategy is the best? Maybe an upcoming trading championship will tell!

We are soon launching a demo experience for some of the more engaging new features that will be available on the Limitlex Smart Cryptocurrency Exchange. Traders will be able to try out three different buy strategies for a multi-currency portfolio:

  • Top-Cap order (automated distribution of the funds into a desired number of top cryptocurrencies according to the market cap);
  • Random order (buying multiple cryptocurrencies by auto-generated random selection);
  • Bulk-buy (making their own selection of multiple cryptocurrencies with a 1-click multi-order feature).

As a part of the Limitlex’s “advanced portfolio management” functionalities, traders will be able to create sub-accounts in order to use a different strategy in each sub-account, thus having a better overview of the performance of the different strategies used.

To spice it up, we will organize a trading championship, awarding traders with the best performance (i.e. the highest increase in their portfolio value) over a given time period. The championship will be a part of the Limitlex ICO campaign, accompanied by large-scale PR activities and a comprehensive bounty program with stimulating rewards.

More info on the trading championship will be published within the next weeks, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, you can still participate in the Limitlex “private pre-ICO” round and get rewarded with a bonus of additional LMX tokens of up to 50%. For participating click here: