The first entry

If you are here, it is likely I sent you the link. This is where I intend to reflect from time to time on this new adventure that we have just begun. We are signed on to live in Zurich for three years and we have been here three weeks. (now four)

Considering I am doing this here on Medium, this is an invitation to anyone who interested in personal thoughts and real time reactions to what we are experiencing along the way. While we have been here four weeks, the last few days have been my first opportunity to breathe and think. The kids started school last week, so I have finally made my way to the Zurich Impact Hub cafe, Auer & Co(highly recommend the bottomless cup of joe for 6.50 CH…which sounds expensive for a cup of coffee, but trust me by Swiss standards it isn’t)

First Impression. The first impression of Zurich has been striking and it has endured. It’s so civilized. And what I mean by that from the smallest details to the big infrastructure, the city is designed in a very human way, a way that works to support people how they live. It is the way we would all live if we prioritized the right things.

Imagine landing in an airport that feels like a beautiful hotel, having your luggage come up right as you arrive at baggage claim and then breezing through an immigration and customs process that is designed to work efficiently. And when you emerge, there is a sense of calm not chaos—no one running up to you to harass you, try to pull a scam or pitch you something. For us it was a guy who helped us and our luggage out to his van that was parked right out front. He had two brand new car seats installed, ready for our kids and he couldn’t have been more welcoming to us.

A great start.