Melancholia Thy Holy Sorrow

Melancholia is not the emotional disposition of life. It is a far reaching story of immersing yourself in inhospitable ashes. The penance of human experience is to imitate the violence of nature.

The human mind without love is a sewerage system without flow. But we have become gargoyles of a misted, recluse swamp of wayward melancholia. You have to douse yourself, and gaslight the spores of pessimism to find clarity. Only those with willpower can be a part of the darkness, and light and are still stark in nature. Melancholia implements are strong axiom, melancholia helps us love more deeply for the holiest sorrow connects us together in love. Love without sadness is a love without realism. The sadness makes us into rain, and it helps us see the storehouses of our memories where our failures utter to us poetically. Melancholia, the deepest state of love the love in which we have no power to hold, or clamp down. This love beyond experience is lighter than existence itself. Find your melancholia and dance into sorrow fervently, and with vehemence.