Behind the software lie the humans

Michael Bailly, OpenPaaS’ Product Owner, under the spotlight

Jul 25, 2018 · 9 min read
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A representation of each and every files and directories located in the main OpenPaaS repository, as displayed by the open source software Gource. Directories appear as branches and files as leaves.


Just like a plant, a software requires constant care so it can grow and flourish. OpenPaaS is no exception to the rule, except that it would be better pictured as the fertile soil — the platform — and the collection of plants that are being nurtured by it — its set of software. In other words, OpenPaaS is an ecosystem where applications can grow in symbiosis. If OpenPaaS is like a blooming garden, its main botanist-in-chief and visionary warden for the past five years has undoubtedly been Michel Bailly, OpenPaaS’ Product Owner. Where OpenPaaS comes from?; where it is heading? Let the interview begin to figure that out!

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  • My second mission is to take care of the product, which means to define the road map and to sort the backlog.
  • Finally, my third mission is to make sure customer deployments go well, and in general to accompany the customer.
  • The second thing was about adding missing features and bug fixes.
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OpenPaaS under the hood. The user on the left is accessing the platform through her web-browser. When she sends an email, it will be processed by James and stored in Cassandra. When she creates an event in her calendar, it will be dealt with by SabreDAV and then stored in mongoDB. In either cases, Elasticsearch is building its own database and indexing the information. Whenever she will look for an event or mail, she will be able to look for it by using a simple query.
Which one do you like the most? The interview within the interviewRichard Stallman or Linus Torvald?
> Linus Torvald
Reddit or Hackernews?
> Hackernews
VScode or Atom?
> VScode, unfortunately
> KDE obviously, as it is the only one that works
> AZERTY by habit, but I have nothing against the QWERTZ layout
Bash shell or Z shell?
> Bash

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