Apache James joins the Hacktoberfest !

The Hacktoberfest is a month-long collaborative event organized by Github and DigitalOcean to promote OpenSource contributions during the month of October.

  • Have you never been contributing to a project?
  • Don’t you know which project to contribute to?
  • Don’t you know how you can be helping?
  • You don’t know if you have skills to do it?

Well, we, in the Apache James project also take part in the Hacktoberfest, and are willing guiding you on your first contributions! There are contributions for anyone, and we are willing to propose mentoring on them.

See our ideas of contributions here!

Apache James is an awesome modular email server written in Java. It supports various protocols (IMAP, SMTP, JMAP, etc…). And we are looking for new actors in our community! The Hacktoberfest is the dreamed occasion for you to start interacting with us.

To help us, you can easily:

— Write some easy additional features or do some easyfix

— Write additional documentation

— Do some packaging :-)

— We are welcoming any blog post, any article, or any form of communication!

— We would be more than happy to ear your ideas for contributions!



We are Open Source Engineers, Hacking Awesome Stuff

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