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3 min readJul 2, 2019


Last week, Linagora Vietnam was organizing a barcamp event during three days. The topic was JSON Meta Application Protocol (JMAP), used for synchronizing and accessing mail data for OpenPaaS INBOX. Attendees were the James team, Jungles team, QA team and our guest Michael Bailly, OpenPaaS product owner from Paris office.

The aims of this event were:

  • Multiple teams work on the same topic
  • To cover the latest specifications of JMAP RFC
  • Understand the technology: implementation in James and OpenPaaS


Jmap presentation

Before we started, Benoit Tellier presented about JMAP to all the members:

  • What and Why?
  • What has been done in James and OpenPaaS
  • Latest RFC specifications
  • Split tasks and teams into workshops

And here we go!


We divided and mixed Java, Javascript and QA teams into different workshops

Result-reference team

JMAP allows clients to make more efficient use of the network and avoid
round trips, an argument to one method can be taken from the result
of a previous method call.

Result-reference team was responsible about:

  • Write integration test cases in James to implement this mechanism
  • Implement back-reference for James
  • Modify jmap-client to send multiple commands in a request to James
Jmap client team

Jmap client team modified the jmap-client library to send basic requests: get mailboxes, get messages, rename mailboxes, … to a server which implemented the latest version of JMAP protocol.

RFC & QA team

JMAP specifications RFC is still in the draft state and some parts/extensions are still not really defined yet. One of those is about quota, which the RFC team was responsible of trying to write down a first proposition for it.

Bonus topic

MongoDB presentation

Michael Bailly had a presentation providing nice knowledge on some MongoDB basic features.

And not only working …

Together, we prepared meals (go to market, cook and wash dishes)

Board games

Lot of funny board games and beers at nights!!!

Tam Dao Trip

And the last day of the event, we visited Tam Dao.

Result presentations

Result presentations

After 2 working days, every team presented or demonstrated their results to share the knowledge among everybody.

Event review

We will have a lot of events like this in the future and we should see what we did well, what we should improve and what we should have for the next one.

Event review


This was a successful event where every team got a good result on their tasks and we had a lot of awesome experiences together which we cannot have in our daily work.

Work hard and Play hard!!!

If you want to be a part of our awesome teams and join events like this one, join us!

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Thank you and enjoy!



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