OpenPaaS Newsletter 9 - November 2017

Laura Royet
Nov 21, 2017 · 5 min read

Here we are in November :)
In this 9th newsletter we will focus on three of our modules: , and . We will also talk about our that took place at the end of October.
Happy reading!

Our Awesome Barcamps

From 25th to 28th October was held our . Quynh, Luc, Benoit, Sang, Dung and Dien worked on adding between and as well as handling in James. Our barcampers published articles:

In addition to these technical articles, for his first time in Vietnam, Luc offered a funny testimony about .

Our Awesome Modules

In the past month, has been developed further in term of usability. Now, from a , a domain administrator can:

  • by selecting them in the list showcase
  • by selecting them among the OpenPaaS users or among his contacts or by entering a single email address.

These new abilities are nicely integrated into :

The Admin team has also made several on , that includes:

  • fixed for Group email input
  • for group creation and update.

Final part and also the most important one, the is now : all the groups created inside Group module can be used by James. That means just by addressing the Group email. Not only James integration, the synchronization between James and OpenPaaS is also covered in this sprint.

The worked a lot since several weeks to provide such as and support.


Booking a room or some other material resource for a meeting is a really common use case on a company daily basis. This is why we implemented the resources support in the Calendar module. Any user can now and define a list of . When a user creates an event in the calendar, he now has the choice to also from there. This is ‘just’ another full-text search field in the event creation form.

Once created, the event is added to the and an is sent to so they can validate or decline the booking. Thanks to the , when the manager receives the email, he directly knows what is the , and validates from here without having to go in the calendar itself.


As described above, the just landed in OpenPaaS, so we decided to integrate them quickly to be able to quickly. This is something we worked on during the last weeks: When a user creates an event, he can search for groups directly in the attendee search field. Once a group is selected, all the group members are added as attendees to the event.

We plan to add more with soon: each group will have its linked calendar, so users joining/leaving groups will automatically have their calendars updated.

Other improvements

The team took some time to in order to polish the way events are displayed in the calendar view with better colors. They also worked on some to provide a view on the right.

All these new features and improvements are demonstrated in the video the team shown during the :


Ticketing aimstobuild a new . The goal is to provide a for to with us on . Ticketing is currently an but will be packaged as a separated solution. It will rely and contribute to OpenPaaS Core.

The of the Ticketing platform are:

  • Issues, Dashboard, Workflow
  • Contracts, SLA timer, Permissions
  • Software, Alerts, Analysis
  • Organization, Entities, Users
  • Comments, Chat, Videoconferencing, Forum

The is with the goal to migrate all Linagora customers by Q2 2018.


  • Linagora Business and Support Managers
  • Linagora and Partner Support Engineers
  • Client Support Beneficiaries
  • Client Contract Managers

Theis composed for now of :

  • based in Paris as product owner
  • and based in Hanoi as developers
  • 3 students from Engineering School as part of their industrial project

For the we have been working on of ,, , and. In particular, we adapt Users model in OpenPaaS Core to meet the business requirements. We also implement Elasticsearch to search for Organizations and Entities. We plan in the next sprint to complete Contract model by adding Software and Request types. Discover our Sprint 1 and Sprint 2 videos.

As a Conclusion

Today you have discovered progress achieved on , and . For the upcoming newsletter, we will detail you the new features inside , and ;)
Now and until early December all our OpenPaaS teams are focusing on tracking and fixing bugs to provide you very soon ;)

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Thanks to Dũng Phạm, Christophe Hamerling, Raphaël Ouazana, Benoit Tellier, and Tuan LE CONG.

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