OpenPaaS’ Newsletter — April 2018

LinTO in the making

Apr 18, 2018 · 7 min read
LinTO’s 3D model


“Bonjour, mon nom c’est LinTO”

“Alexa, are you cheating on me? Yes, I do that for a living”

An illustration of the traditional model LinTO wants to disrupt. In this model, the IoT device is recording speech acts, sending them to a Natural Language Understanding-capable server, and then eventually to an API which may be interfaced with a custom software. Logos belong to their respective brands.

Remedial course on speech recognition

What is speech recognition?

What are the main functions of a smart assistant?

This is an illustration of a speech to text engine. In LinTO’s case, its name is LinSTT.

How a smart assistant can recognize the human voice?

An early draft of what LinTO would be capable of doing. From the upper left corner: “It calls; It suggests; It receives a call from a specific number; It listens; It summaries. LinTO and you”

LinTO’s software

LinTO’s open ecosystem.

LinTO’s hardware

LinTO’s internals

Stronger, together

The LinTO team at LINAGORA. PhD students (“Doctorants”) are embedded within the aforementioned universities. “Ingénieur logiciel” stands for Software Engineer.

The living lab concept

The LinTO case can be 3D printed. Those models will be freely available.

“Farewell, Alexa: bonjour, LinTO!”

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