Why We Started Linc

Our Story Begins

Igor Boshoer
May 23, 2017 · 4 min read

A little over a year ago I left Industrial Light & Magic to pursue building a technology startup — Linc. The journey so far has been both exciting and scary, and I’m not sure I would have been half as perseverant if I did not have the priceless support of friends and colleagues in the Bay Area.

Why Linc?

Films and television are an indispensable part of our lives. They have shaped our childhood memories, and they continue to influence how we think and live. With the recent explosion of content in film, animation, VR and so forth, many people assume the production processes have undergone the same level of advancement, because of the blockbuster content they see on Netflix or in movie theaters; yet, ask an insider and they’ll tell you the core process of content production is very much broken.

It pains to see how much hackery is involved in studio production. Millions of dollars are wasted and tons of artist hours are lost to get films delivered on time. In this day and age, our processes are still very much dated, if not primitive.

And we want to change that! How?

Over the years our team witnessed tremendous inefficiencies in both small and large studios and asked this simple question — why is it still so damn hard to work on content together?

Why is there no single unified pipeline among film and VR studios?

Why is there no standardization in an industry that the entire world looks up to?

While we continue to hold the world audiences in awe, in the background we continue to lose millions of dollars each year in duplicating inefficient and unwieldy workflows and lose thousands of crucial artist hours in turn. This problem exists across different types of content creation studios in areas such as post-production for film, animation, games, or in the VR / AR industry. Everyone tries to reinvent the wheel, and it’s no wonder so many fail to even get off the ground!

Could there be a better way of doing things?

There is always a better way. If we look hard enough. If we are passionate enough. If we are bothered enough — to raise the bar, to challenge the status quo.

And we were bothered with the way of things. So, once we had identified the major pain areas that affect so many artists, we got to work. We wanted to disrupt how artists produce content, and having experienced those difficulties and challenges first-hand, we knew that if we did it right, we could help studios and storytellers achieve tremendous time and cost efficiencies. After all, we are emerging into an exciting world of virtual reality where high quality photo-real content is crucial for real world experiences.

It was time to bring disruptive Silicon Valley technology home and make it work for the world’s oldest and largest film industry! That’s the story of how we got to building the next generation studio platform → Hollywood 2.0

What exactly is Linc?

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Linc is the world’s first cloud-based solution designed to serve content creators and make it easy to work together. We focus on Film, Animation, and cinematic VR/AR area first, but understand the similarities in workflows across other industries such as in Architecture and Gaming.

Linc will provide end-to-end support to content creators and production studios through:

  • a fully serviced production pipeline in the cloud
  • access to a standardized collection of tried and tested industry workflows and applications
  • never-before scalability, reliability, efficiency and support
  • freedom from administrative and production-related constraints of storage, time and physical distance
  • and much, much more.

A custom-designed, secure, fully equipped global platform, Linc aims to set you free in ways you never imagined.

Who Are We?

We are a team of technologists, hackers and entrepreneurs with experience building technology and pipelines for top studios such as Lucasfilm ILM, Method Studios and Pixar. This is not our first rodeo; we’ve built and scaled several web startups in the past.

Our advisers are senior executives in the media & entertainment space. Our mission is to help artists concentrate on what really counts — telling one-of-a-kind stories — while we take care of the mundane, energy-sapping, boring stuff.

So, stay tuned. The best is yet to come!



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