19th July 2015 — How your donations helped

Oct 25, 2015 · 4 min read

25th April….85 days ago Nepal suffered 2 devastating earthquakes; 9000 people killed, tens of thousands injured and countless families without homes.

Lincs2nepal reacted immediately, Myself and Leo flew out immediately and working with Sumit and his friends,

  • we supplied food to 27 remote villages, over 6500 people (enough food for 6 weeks).
  • We then began “Our BIG Rebuild” and returned to these villages and built 319 families new homes, helped by some of the most amazing people I have met: Stacey, Kayleigh, Rachie, Phil, Jan, Portia, Katie, Chris B, Savannah, Saydee, Harry, Chris J, Lewis and Steff.
  • We provided thousands of families with water purification systems, saving many lives.
  • We also funded the rebuilding of a village school
  • Took one of the villagers hundreds of kms for life saving hospital treatment and medication
  • And with the help of the amazing Gurkhas, to whom our country should be forever thankful, We flew out 2 planeloads of clothes, blankets, tents etc.

I am very proud of our reaction and our efforts.

I am very proud of our brilliant volunteers who all paid for their own flights and expenses, donated money, were happy to sleep on the floor and worked tirelessly in extreme situations with temperatures up to 48 degrees.

I am equally proud and humbled by the amazing support that we received from all of you guys who donated, organised fundraisers, attended fundraisers and sent messages of support.

Despite the awful stories that we are bombarded with daily, between us all, we proved that real humanity is alive and kicking. THANK YOU.X

As we are not registered to provide disaster relief (ridiculous red tape) we have to now take a step back whilst we register our NGO based in Nepal with the Nepalese Government.

In the meantime, we will be concentrating on our school, our education , adult education and womens empowerment projects.

We will also be moving our Water purification project to the villages and slum areas around our school.

With our relief work taking preference because of its urgency, we have fallen a bit behind with our fundraising, but you can still donate. Please now use this link and help us finish our 4 new classrooms: https://www.justgiving.com/search?q=lincs2nepal

“ we cannot do great things for this world but we can do small things with great love”


Big hugs Garry.xxx

A BIG THANK YOU to Sumit’s family — our host family during our relief work in Nepal!

Lincs2Nepal Earthquake Work

All of our stories from the the day of the earthquake through to the present day


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Lincs2Nepal is a 100% voluntary charity dedicated to improving the education, health and general development of families in the poorer communities of Nepal.

Lincs2Nepal Earthquake Work

All of our stories from the the day of the earthquake through to the present day