July 6th 2015 — Rain, Rain, Rain…..

Rain, rain, rain…… once again we got soaked yesterday and this time it was before we even got to the village. The monsoon season has really kicked in now! On arrival to the village it was obvious our help was so desperately needed, peoples homes were made from bamboo, tarpaulin and empty rice bags — far from water proof, especially in the rains we’ve been getting!

Our biggest problem yesterday was where to build the shelters. The only land available was where their current shelters were and due to the weather the villagers were unable to empty and disassemble these ready for us to come and build the more permanent shelters. Because of this we only managed to get two shelters built but we left our tools and made sure every villager knew exactly how to put their shelter up when the weather got better!

As well as the 19 shelters we also distributed water filters and mosquito nets to every family — again this is so important in these remote villages, water from the river is dirty (brown in colour) and mosquitoes are everywhere!

If you would like to donate please visit; https://www.justgiving.com/L2NEarthquakeAppeal/

Big love, Lincs2Nepal. x

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