July 7th — The team splits to asses villages who need our help

Nepal’s day of rest is Saturday, which can prove a bit tricky for us at times, shops are shut and people are having their day off. However we made the best of our time today by splitting into two teams and scouting out new villages which desperately need our help!

Our team headed out to Sindhupalchok district, a 3 hour drive, on the motorbikes and the other to Kavre district, a 2 hour drive, in the car. Once again, we got absolutely drenched in the monsoon rains but this just highlighted furthermore how important it is for us to take action in one of the villages we visited today. The village in question has very little wealth and has received hardly any help since the earthquake over 2 months ago! They are still sleeping under tarpaulin sheets as well as drinking dirty water and being eaten alive by mosquitoes — this puts the village at the top of our priority list. Tomorrow we’ll be heading out early to provide them with the 18 shelters they so desperately need along with water filters and mosquito nets.

As well as this village we also have over ten more villages waiting for our help with water filters and mosquito nets. We’ve definitely got our work cut out before we fly home on Friday!

If you wish to donate please visit https://www.justgiving.com/L2NEarthquakeAppeal/

Big love from team Lincs2Nepal! x