June 10th 2015 — A day of rest before the hard work continues once again.

Rachie Bluebell with one of the children from Anakoit Village

Yay, today is a well deserved and much needed rest day.

We are suffering a little, quite a bit of mild sunstroke, upset stomachs and lots of mosquito bites. its 11.30 am and no one has really moved from their sleeping positions yet, I guess painting the town red tonight is probably not an option. Please don’t worry, nothing serious and tomorrow morning we will be raring to go and we are aiming for 50 homes in a day and a half, the villagers are getting really quick at assembling them now and our team is operating like a well oiled machine.

We will also visit Anakoit tomorrow, the first village where we put the shelters as they have now completed the end walls and we will post some pics, we are all really excited about seeing them actually being lived in!

Thank you for your continued support, please keep donating or encouraging others , PLEASE SHARE THIS POST and please think about what could be your “ small sacrifice”

A few photos from our previous days work. As you can see, it was very hard work, check out the sweat coming from Sumit above!