Bennett Green
Feb 15 · 2 min read

Edit: This is a re-post of an update Lindsay Street put out on its original website. The original post date was 11 November 2016. Hopefully one day Medium will let us backdate posts to make this less confusing.

Happy Friday everyone! For those that do not already know, I am very happy to advise I have gone out on my own to establish Lindsay Street Partners, a boutique corporate law firm.

A snippet of the new graffiti at the side of our ‘office’ on Lindsay Street

Lindsay Street Partners will be a virtual law office, meaning there will be no board room with Swan River views, no meticulously designed office floor plan, no impressive art collection or expensive glass boxes.

If you are looking for a law firm fit to host Harvey Spectre then this won’t be it.

Instead, our lawyers (full disclosure: the use of the plural there is aspirational, currently it’s me holding the fort) will work from their laptops, tablets and phones anywhere they choose to. By embracing mobile and cloud technologies, Lindsay Street Partners can vastly cut down the firm’s overheads, ensuring clients get top-tier service at an extremely competitive price.

The firm aims to service small ASX-listed companies with commercial law issues, capital raising transactions, corporate governance matters and ASX-listing and Corporations Act compliance queries.

I’m very excited to see where this goes and I would be keen to catch up over a coffee to talk more about Lindsay Street Partners and to reconnect generally in the lead up to Christmas.

All the best,

Bennett Greenhalgh.

Lindsay Street

Lindsay Street is a boutique cloud-based corporate and commercial law firm.

Bennett Green

Written by

Lindsay Street

Lindsay Street is a boutique cloud-based corporate and commercial law firm.

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