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Feb 15 · 2 min read

Edit: This is a re-post of an update Lindsay Street put out on its original website. The original post date was 11 October 2018. Hopefully one day Medium will let us backdate posts to make this less confusing.

Lindsay Street is looking to expand its team. We are currently seeking at least one junior lawyer. If you or someone you know might be suitable please get in touch.

About us

Lindsay Street Partners is a boutique law firm that is building a new way of delivering legal services. We are cloud-based (i.e. no physical office) and have a culture that prioritises blue ocean thinking and the creation of innovative solutions to legal and governance challenges.

We provide generalist legal counsel and legal support services to clients on a long-term or ongoing basis. We can also take on shorter-term or transactional engagements for the right clients.

What we are looking for

We recruit people based on personality first and technical skills and experience second.

Rather than being highly specialised, we are looking for junior lawyers who are forward thinking, fast learning, and who thrive in new situations. Most of all, we want to bring on people who are good to work with. Don’t worry about experience, if you’re the right fit we will provide ongoing training and supervision.

In particular, we are especially keen on:

- lawyers with second language skills (preferably French, but we can work with what you’ve got)

- lawyers who have come to the profession later in life

- ‘return to work’ lawyers, especially new parents or those with other priorities in life

- lawyers with coding skills or a special affinity for developing tech solutions

- fans of Apple (as in the company, not the fruit) and/or Warren Buffet

If you think you might like to work at Lindsay Street please get in touch with us in one of the normal ways and send through some information that will help us assess who you are and what you’re about.

Lindsay Street

Lindsay Street is a boutique cloud-based corporate and commercial law firm.

Bennett Green

Written by

Lindsay Street

Lindsay Street is a boutique cloud-based corporate and commercial law firm.

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