My Best Side Hustle—How I Made $157.67 on Walmart Cash Back in 2022

My best side hustle so far has been optimizing my cash back on credit cards. If I am going to spend $200 at Walmart on groceries, that is an opportunity to earn $10 tax free. So far for 2022 it appears I have made $157.67 in cash back.

How do you do this? The most efficient way I found was to sign up for the Walmart credit from Capital One. This gives you the 5% cash back option on pickup and delivery.

The special thing to note here is 5% cash back on pickup. For me, that is where the money is at.

Picking up does require some planning. Where I live I have to schedule a pickup window 12–24 hours in advance. Normally I do this first thing in the morning and put in the essentials I know I need. If I am picking up at 9PM, up until about 5PM I can still add additional items to the order as I think of them or have a chance to discuss what we need with other family members.

You are going to need a Walmart credit card from Capital One as we covered above, and then a account as well. You log into the application, choose the store you want to pick up from, and then choose the one hour window you want to pick up in. I’ve found if you are late it isn’t a problem. Or if I miss my 9PM window, they will still have my order at 7AM the next morning.

I covered some of this in my article “Walmart Pays Me Not to Shop”.

If I can’t plan ahead and do the pickup for the 5%, I can go in the store and use my Walmart card to pay for everything and still get a reasonable 2% back. The 5% makes me happiest though. I feel glorious getting 5% back and having them drop it right in my trunk without me self-checking a single item.

There is also 2% cash back on gas at the “Murphy USA” gas station that is right by Walmart. I saw last week you can also get back 10 cents per gallon by using your Walmart phone app when buying gas. Once I master that I will write up another article.

Walmart pays the rewards points out in a few days through Capital One, and you can use “Credit this card” to have it applied against your credit card balance, or have them mail you a check. There are additional ways to cash out such as “Get Gift Cards” that I have not tried yet.

As a side note, I am finding on my Verizon credit card it appears I am getting back 4% on in-store purchases that can be applied against my phone bill as “Verizon Bucks” because they are “groceries”. This is only applicable to Verizon subscribers with a Verizon credit card, but I thought it worth mentioning at the 4% level.

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Lindsay Leeds

Lindsay Leeds

I am an IT guy by trade, with interests in investing and personal finance.