Axol Style Guide

Lindsey Greer
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2 min readNov 21, 2020


First of all, do you know what an axolotl is? Not a lot of people do. I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a little salamander that lives in the water and has the cutest smile on its face.

My boyfriend needed a logo and some branding done for a project he was working on for a gaming and messaging platform similar to Discord. The funniest part of this project was the process, I have to admit. Neither of us knew how we were going to take that little guys face and turn it into a logo, but I go to work.

I took an image into Adobe Illustrator and tried to trace around the actual image of the axolotl. This took some time and I wasn’t thrilled with the result, I felt like it had too much detail and would get messy if it was smaller.

I sent this image to my boyfriend and we went back and forth, I made small revisions as I went, that process looked like this:

I just kept making small revisions until we eventually were able to simplify and were happy with the results!

I then needed to create a style guide, which included colors, the text logo, and different variations of the logo as well.

You can download it here!

Or just scroll down to see the finished product.