Becoming a Podcast Pro

Lindsey Greer
Lindsey Greer Portfolio
2 min readDec 9, 2021


This is the second time I’ve ever recorded a podcast, and it was once again for Emily’s class. I still hate the sound of my own voice but I am in love the process of creating different types of media across platforms.

I recorded 3 episodes for my “In Sync” series podcast. My topic of choice was centered around women’s menstrual cycles and the topic of birth control and how to really get to know your body. It’s a topic I am very passionate about and so I’m glad I got to record some of my thoughts and publish them.

For the cover art, I went with a circle made with arrows as a play on the word “sync” as it pertains to a cycle.

I wanted to keep it playful and fun whilst not being intimidating.

For episodes 1 and 2, I recorded them by myself in the library with a microphone in an office in the OTL. The room was somewhat soundproof so it worked out great! I had an outline of the topics I wanted to cover and was able to easily record and edit it in Anchor FM. I did have to do a couple test runs with the audio, I tried using my airpods microphone and then my laptops built in microphone, both sounded horrific. Airpods mic was the worst quality. I did find that microphone so that was a blessing.

I was able to collaborate on episode 3 with my friend Alex Strasburg. Our topics overlapped when it comes to divine feminine magic and syncing your cycle with the moon.

Editing was fairly easy, cutting the parts where I messed up, adding some background music. Nothing too crazy. I don’t think they needed a ton of editing either. I was able to get my point across in a clear and concise way.

In conclusion, I feel like this aspect of the project really does add to my overall vision. I feel like this podcast was a great way to go into more detail into my topic than an instagram post. I get to share my story in a fun and relaxing way.