Interactive Product Catalog Design Process

Lindsey Greer
Lindsey Greer Portfolio
3 min readMay 6, 2021


The Idea

This past year I got a seasonal job working part-time at Ulta Beauty. I was really excited because I LOVE beauty products and I also really love sharing things I find with my friends and family. However, I know that category can be really overwhelming. I’ve had close friends and family members tell me they wouldn’t even bother going inside Ulta because they already knew it would be too overwhelming. That makes me so sad because there is so much to love about beauty products, even if you aren’t into makeup.

I wanted to do a fun interactive catalog that would simplify the experience and help narrow it down to only the necessities. I also wanted it to follow the order in which you would use these products so you would feel like you know what you are doing (even if you don’t).

This is also a fun way for me to be able to share my favorite products with those around me!

The Design

I wanted to pull a lot of the design from the already existing Ulta app and also I googled their style guide so I could stay on brand. I wanted it to be an authentic experience but narrowed down. The Ulta beauty app already has a great interactive feature built into it that allows you to virtually try on make up. I wanted to include that in this experience.

I took some screenshots from the app on my phone and organized them into my sketch document for reference.

I chose this order because this is the order in how I would apply these products starting with skincare, moving onto sunscreen and then makeup, and finally ending with hair products. See? You now know the order in which to apply the products.

I used the font “gotham” because that’s what font they use on their style guide.

For each individual section I decided to highlight top rated products from Ulta’s website as well as some of my own. That way you aren’t bombarded with products but you still get to have a choice.

I then started adding pictures and text. I wanted to explain the process. I added some notes for a developer to help explain the ideas I had for the publication. Like how clicking on the object wouldn’t take you out of the publication.

My final move was to throw the screens in invision and create a working protoype! The link to that is here :