Hard decisions and harder decisions

There are (a lot of) times when media is no better than the politician, no stronger than its funding source, no more valuable than its KPIs. When number goals are a better starting place than conviction, or fact, or moral responsibility.

In a today, where there are a lot of things to hope for, a carefully considered editorial decision matters.

I share this because I agree with the editorial “End the Gun Epidemic in America” but also because I appreciate the hard decisions of editorial work, and I deeply respect the harder decision to print/publish what you know is right because the time is now.

Every marketer, every writer, every blogger, every storyteller decides — by way of intention or naivety — what their words will say. Will they shout, will they whisper, will they mean anything at all. Who will read, who will listen, what will the who do if they read or listen.

Some decisions are hard. But the hardest decision… is it hard because it’s wrong? or because it’s right.

The New York Times: The Gun Epidemic: The Making of a Page 1 Editorial