I’ll just focus on dinner

Today is one of those strange days on the web (ha! understatement of the century). It’s World Humanitarian Day, and also National Potato Day — which means we are celebrating dedicated aid workers whose heroic acts of every day bravery make our world a better place. And the harvesting, mashing, frying, and hashbrowning of potatoes.

Also, the Ice Bucket Challenge is still going strong, Taylor Swift vs the haters — haters lose, an American journalist beheaded by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, Microsoft has launched something for Windows that will give all Best Buy shoppers technology stress, The Jungle Book (maybe a new movie?) and the bad guy (the English one) from the newest Star Trek, and #Ferguson.

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the pandemonium that is Facebook news? I do. I am.

I mean, do I focus my attention on Taylor or Michael Brown? Gaza or Syria or Ferguson? Missing planes or missing journalists? ALS or mental health? Racism or same-sex marriage? Your kids or your new diet? My last weekend’s festivities or this coming weekend’s? Homeless veterans or police brutality? The MDGs or the NFL? The Maze Runner or The Giver? Humanitarians or potatoes?

I think, for tonight, I’ll just focus on dinner. French fries with a side of something humanitarian and happy.

And that doesn’t mean I’m apathetic. It means that this is the fourth blog post I’ve written today and the only one I decided to publish. Because my issue with ignorance and self-entitlement and discrimination, my fight against apathy… that’s a fight for another day. For today, there is enough fighting already.

PS: I can’t make up images like this:

I'll just focus on dinner | Lindsey Talerico-Hedren