Practices for Building — Linear is now open for all

Karri Saarinen
Jun 30, 2020 · 3 min read

At Linear, we believe software can feel magical. Well designed tools and practices encourage momentum and level up execution in our teams. Linear is now open for sign ups at

This past year, we’ve been working on refining Linear with our early adopters. We’ve spent hours talking to company founders, managers, designers and engineers. The common theme across conversations has been how broken the current ways of working are in the software industry, the subpar quality of the tools we use to build software, and how much change a product like Linear can bring.

Engineers and creators feel that their time is drained with continuous stand-ups, retros and reviews. Teams are hindered by slow and confusing tools. These practices and tools don’t seem to improve the quality of our work but they do make us dread our jobs. We want to change that.

At Linear, we believe that the quality of software is driven both by the talent of its creators and how they feel while they’re crafting it. Teams that can focus their time and energy on the work itself build magical, high quality software.

Our tools and practices need to do their best to nurture this kind of environment and not take it away. They should be fast, integrated, save time, help to coordinate and most importantly, not get in the way of practicing our craft. This is why we’ve prioritized building an elegant, fast, and considerate product for software building teams.

Linear Method — Our practices for building quality software

To help teams create high quality software, we can’t stop at building a great product–we have to also understand how software teams work. Real change comes when tools create new habits and change our behaviors. As many of us transition to the remote age, we see new opportunities for tools to enable deep focus and better ways of working.

We’re learning about the best practices in the industry, rethinking features from their first principles, and codifying them into our product. As we build the Linear app, we’re also creating the Linear Method for software building. It encapsulates the principles, the practices and habits it enables and encourages to build magical, high quality. This way Linear can truly level up teams and let them focus on doing great work.

Try Linear with your team for free:

  • Linear is available for everyone and you can get started for free with as many team members as you want, as long as you want. See our pricing if you want to upgrade
  • We will continue to work on refining the Linear Method.
  • We are also adding documentation, Linear Guide and Gitlab integration. More on our changelog

We hope you join the Linear community and help us change how we all develop software. Sign up today at


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