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Invitation to Join Linear Tech and Linear Labs

Last few days were really exciting as we completed our fundraising, got listed on a number of exchange venues, and launched our LINA pre-staking program, resulting in +50% (140M) of all circulating LINA staked in a matter of two days which is an amazing feat. The Linear team would like to thank everyone for joining us on this journey.

Linear Finance is here to bridge between the old financial world and the new token economy. We aspire to be the platform that offers the investment exposures you want, with a 24/7, frictionless trading experience with no middlemen and close to zero fees. From now on you truly control your access to your financial wealth with unbounded creativity.

As the team continues to pound the pavement to deliver our goals of tackling scaling/gas fee issues, and increased composability by integrating with Binance Smart Chain, we have the community in our mind, in regards to their desired product tech features/integrations down to the synthetic assets on our exchange.

As such, we welcome the traders, innovators, builders, and visionaries to join us and contribute to the following two channels on our Discord:

This road is long but it’s worth it and as we continue building. For anyone who is interested in becoming part of Linear.Tech and Linear.Labs, please DM either one of the Co-Founders Kevin or Drey on Discord. We are looking forward to having you on-board!

Kevin Tai: Co-Founder

Drey Ng: Co-Founder

Linear Team



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