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Linear Finance AMA Recap 24/05/2022

Early this week, Linear Finance project lead Kevin Tai joined a new AMA hosted by the Linear Exchange Community on Telegram. Many topics were addressed like the ℓUSD peg, Chaotic Finance, LUNA/UST incident and we even got a special guest to join the AMA, Athos Finance project lead, Kelvin Lam.

Check out the full recap below:

Ant (Host): Welcome Kevin and thank you for being here for this much-requested AMA.

Kevin | Linear Finance: Hey guys, it’s great to be here again, thanks for supporting Linear! and thanks for hosting Ant.

Ant: My pleasure! Let’s not beat around the bush, people should know who you are by now (and of course, everyone knows me).

We are close to being halfway through 2022, can you tell us what the team has been working on? What milestones have been achieved?

Kevin | Linear Finance: Sure thing… The team has been working hard on several things. The Linear DAO is now live and running. So far three new Listing Propositions and one Improvement Proposition have been approved, and this is only the beginning. We are very happy to see the community so involved in both the Linear DAO Forum and Linear’s Snapshot.

We launched Chaotic Finance earlier this year on the Kusama network via Moonriver which has been very well received by the community as shown by the trading volume we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks.

UI/UX improvements have been made throughout all Linear dApps such as dark mode and mobile versions now available for users to trade on the go. ℓPLAY NFT/Metaverse Index was recently listed on Linear Exchange, just to name a few of the milestones the team has met this year.

As we have always reiterated, we continue to build out the protocol no matter the market conditions. We can talk more about what will be coming up shortly for the protocol!

Ant: And more on DAO, next question!

One topic that has been mentioned by users on the Linear DAO Forum is the ℓUSD peg. What efforts are being made by the team to maintain and strengthen the peg?

Kevin | Linear Finance: Yes, the peg remains to be a challenge for us… This is an issue that the team is well aware of and working on. We are in constant communication with the Linear Council and Linear Finance users, and one thing we have agreed on is that in order to strengthen the peg we need to increase liquidity to the ℓUSD/BUSD pool on PCS. Marketing efforts are being made to let the community know of the LP and the benefits of staking your LP tokens on Linear Vault and soon we expect to have additional LUSD liquidity added to PCS.

On top of this, we are also looking at potential solutions to this matter like implementing a peg protection pot. This is something that was suggested by one of our users on the Linear DAO Forum. We are working on the details and will be able to share more information in the coming weeks.

Ant: Stables have had a hard time lately indeed… following up with this question:

With the recent collapse of UST and LUNA tokens, should users be worried about something similar happening to Linear Finance?

Kevin | Linear Finance: The LUNA/UST incident is quite unfortunate for holders as well as the DeFi sector. It’s unprecedented as many investors were burned due to algorithmic stablecoins.

In the case of UST, it is an undercollateralized algorithmic stablecoin that leans on a system of traders who swap between LUNA and UST when the value of UST goes above or below its peg.

On the contrary, Linear’s stablecoin ℓUSD is overcollateralized 5:1 by LINA tokens and there is a liquidation mechanism in place to ensure that ℓUSD never is undercollateralized. In short, ℓUSD is overcollateralized, UST is undercollateralized and the issuance and mechanics to hold peg are different.

With that in mind, know that the team is working hard to increase the protocol’s stability, whether it is during a bear or a bull market, that’s what we are aiming for: stability.

Ant: I for sure could use some stability these days… Glad we share the same mindset on that. Let’s keep building!

Talking about building and always striving for more and better…

What plans do you have for the future of Linear Finance? What can we expect in the coming weeks/months?

Kevin | Linear Finance: So we have been building for over 1.5 years now. The protocol remains well capitalized and the team at Linear Finance is growing. This last month we added three new devs as we are looking at ticking off several boxes from our 2022 Roadmap.

The top priority is always protocol safety and stability which we are constantly working on. As such, the team continues working on enhancing certain code bases to bring additional stability to our exchange and Buildr.

But in terms of new features, you can expect in the near future, you will soon see a user driven liquidation mechanism, multi-collateral staking, increased incentives for ℓUSD/BUSD LP Vault, and advanced orders, to name a couple.

One of our wonderful users was asking why we are expanding into other chains. The answer to this is that one of the goals of our protocol was always to be multi-chain and we have been committed to building on BSC and Polkadot since the start. The expansion gives us access to new users and hopefully additional TVL and usage. Now, this doesn’t mean that we abandon Linear. All new functionalities will be built into Linear protocol and we will find ways to accrete value to LINA holders. For instance, we will be looking to allow users to bridge LINA over to the other chains to stake in our other protocols. This is just one of the ways we look to bring additional value to holders.

Now, we have expanded from a tech perspective but we also are increasing our bench strength on the business side and as you guys know, we will be building a replicate synthetic exchange on Polkadot through Moonbeam.

As such, I want to introduce you to one of our new teammates, Kelvin Lam. He will be the lead for Athos Finance and will be leading Linear’s integration on Polkadot through Moonbeam.

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Thanks a lot, Kevin. Hey everyone! Nice to meet you all.

Ant: Thanks Kevin for the in depth answer, looking forward to seeing it all live

And thank you Kelvin for being here!

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Thanks for having me here!!

As Kevin mentioned, I am the project lead of Athos Finance. As many of you already know Athos Finance will be the first decentralized delta-one asset protocol on Moonbeam. Users will be able to create and trade a wide range of synthetic assets that track the price behavior of assets such as digital assets, commodities, forex, and market indices. It aims to provide on-chain price exposure to users anywhere in the world without the burdens of owning or transacting the actual assets.

Ant: Cool beans! So Kelvin, can you tell us more about yourself? Your background and past experience? And are you Kevin his evil/good twin?

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Hahaha… I have always been into technology and innovations since a very young age. Throughout my career, I have worked at a number of technology companies and major conglomerates across Asia, with experience running different functions such as product management and operations.

What really got me interested in DeFi was my experience at a FinTech company I used to work at. That’s where I came to realize that the current setup of the financial system leaves much to be desired. I thought DeFi and crypto, in general, could be an interesting fix to the problem, making products and services decentralized, trustless and permissionless. Since then, I have never looked back!

Ant: Cool! Seems like you know a thing or two, So tell me a bit more about Athos.

Will Athos Finance have a token? And if so, how will it be distributed? Token Sale? Airdrop?

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Sure — definitely. $ATH will be Athos Finance’s native utility token

And we chose $ATH as the ticker for a reason of course

In terms of distribution, we’ve taken into consideration the feedback the team received from Chaotic Finance’s launch and we will do things slightly different this time around.

Of course, Linear and Chaotic supporters will receive $ATH airdrops, but they will also receive the opportunity to get access to a discounted token sale based on their previous interactions with Linear and Chaotic

The team is also exploring the release of an Athos NFT collection. Holders of the NFTs will become part of an exclusive club that gets extra perks and benefits when interacting with the Athos Finance product suite moving forward. We will share more details about token utility, distribution mechanism, and the NFT collection in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!

Ant: I’d like to be part of a club, sign me up! Nice to hear that you’ve taken in the feedback from the Chaotic launch!

So when can we expect Athos Finance to launch? Do you have a roadmap you can share with the community?

Kelvin | Athos Finance: We will announce Athos’ roadmap in detail shortly in the next few weeks. We are actually working on some exciting features that some Linear supporters have been looking forward to for a long time. I don’t want to spill too much yet, but multi-collateral is definitely on the roadmap — allowing users to build debt with other assets such as GLMR, wBTC & wETH at a lower P-ratio to maximize capital efficiency.

As for the launch date, we are aiming for late Q3 this year. In the meantime, we will keep everyone updated as we continue to build.

Ant: Nice, I’m excited to try out the multi-collateral part. Have struggled with p-ratio before

And where can we follow Athos Finance and get the latest updates?

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Sure! You can follow us on our social media, we’re on a couple of different platforms:





Please drop by our Discord and say hi — would love to get to know all of you and talk more about Athos, or anything really.

Ant: Cool! I’m pretty new to the discord scene myself but I know one thing about Discord… OG role?

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Definitely! We do have the Athos Giants role in our Discord

We are actually doing an early bird reward now. The first 150 members on our Discord will be given Athos Giants roles that will come with some exciting surprises down the road! More details to follow!

To get the Athos Giants role, you can also take part in Athos Quests that we host regularly in our Discord. You will be able to earn XP, Athos Giant roles, and other rewards by participating!

Ant: Thanks for the answers, Kelvin and Kevin! I’ll open up the channel and will maybe delete some spam. Perhaps there are some more questions from some members, you have a second to stick around?

Kevin | Linear Finance: Yeah, let’s do it

Wakana: Hi Kevin, Kelvin and Ant.

First, let me start by saying thank you for hosting this great AMA.

The question I have relates to all three projects and I know this has probably been asked before, but what is the reason we are seeing three different tokens — LINA, CHAOS, ATH — could we not just have used LINA on all networks, were their technical difficulties to use the one and same token?? Would very much appreciate it if you could elaborate :)

Kevin | Linear Finance: Hi Wakana, this is an excellent question. When building synthetic asset protocols for us, we have debt pools which calculate the user’s debt position on chain… It’s extremely difficult to build the same debt pool for multiple blockchains simply because syncing it across chains is almost impossible. Hence, we need to have different tokens… BUT, we are working on multi-collateral which will allow you to move LINA over to the other chain (in a wrapped format) to be staked

Semi1993: Another question is about the developers. As Linear is working on DAO right now. Are you not scared that other projects will move faster. DAO is quite new and it will take several months to make it up and running. So is the core team still working on development with developers or do you expect to let DAO generate growth?

Kevin | Linear Finance: We are proud that we got the LinearDAO up and running and everything we are building remains focused on decentralization. As we move along, we will concede more and more control to our users!!

Steven: At the forums, a lot of questions are around transparency. Could you clarify if you intend to improve on that side? At the moment it often feels that there is no support from the team anymore for LINA and it is left to the DAO to sort things out. However, it does look like that implementing the DAO at such an early stage was a NOT good decision as more and more issues occur and fixes feel like adding a Bandage but not implementing stable long term solutions.

Kevin | Linear Finance: Hi Steven, rest assured that we are constantly working on LINA and we have dedicated resources working on the project! We will find ways for the core team to improve communication with our users. You had a question in regards to issues with the exchange and there are issues with our subgraphs that our team is currently rewriting so that can reduce any outages. Now, if we BSC acts up and the nodes don’t sync (which happens on occasion), this will cause an outage but we will let the users know when this happens.

Steven: When the Athos airdrop happens will the allocation be again towards people that have held LINA at some point in the past but do not hold LINA today?

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Hey steven — thanks for that question. We are in the process of exploring different ways to distribute the airdrop. We do believe we should skew the rewards to those who are actively interacting with Linear and Chaotic today instead of in the past. As such, one of the options we are exploring is to apply in time period multiplier to the airdrop formula, allowing those who have interacted with Linear and Chaotic recently to get a more favourable weighting for the airdrop… So stay tuned for the airdrop announcement coming up!

Ferhat: I have one question about linear finance that is what we will see after roll up so L2 will work with others or not?

Kevin | Linear Finance: Yes, good question… Yes, there will be an L2 implementation after we are done with Moonbeam… Not sure which one but many have been asking for us to get onto Polygon.

Ant: Thanks Kevin and Kelvin for sticking around for some questions! I’m sure there will always be more and I’ll try to keep track of some for future reference!

Hope to see you around and I will come and annoy you Kelvin on discord soon!

Kelvin | Athos Finance: Thanks for having me here today! Look forward to seeing you all around!!

Kevin | Linear Finance: Thanks for hosting!!!

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Linear Finance is a cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol that allows users to get synthetic exposure to various assets, including cryptocurrency, commodities, and market indices. Users can utilize our cross-chain swap functionality to instantly swap assets across leading blockchain environments and DeFi protocols with unlimited liquidity and zero slippage.

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