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Linear Finance: UI/UX Updates

Dear Linear Community,

The team has been working on a couple of UI/UX improvements on Linear’s set of dApps. You may have spotted one or two of them on Linear.Finance already. Please find these updates below along with a brief explanation.

Staking Rewards Unlocking Schedule

We are aware that sometimes it’s not possible to keep track of your locked rewards one year after claiming. This is why after paying close attention to the community’s feedback we got to work and started building a schedule so users can keep track of when their weekly LINA rewards unlock. For liquidators, any liquidated LINA that was locked at the time of liquidation will also show on this tab.

Once you have connected your BNB Chain wallet to Linear Buildr, there is now a new three-dot icon in the section next to as shown in the image below.

Click on the three dots next to Locked and the new Unlocking Schedule will pop up.

This new addition will make it much easier for users to keep track of their locked LINA and allow them to plan their next moves by knowing when their funds will be available (unlocked).

Pending Timer & Manual Settler

In order to further prevent front running on Linear Exchange, we have added a countdown timer next to the status so users can see how much time is left for their transaction to settle.

Recently approved by the Linear DAO (ℓIP: Settlement-Fallback-Button), we have also enabled a settlement button to allow traders to manually transactions themselves. Currently, transactions are settled by Linear’s own settlement bot. But in the spirit of decentralization and in case the settlement bot is not functioning properly for some reason, users can now do it themselves without relying on a centralized component. A few seconds after the countdown timer hits zero and if your transaction has not been settled, the button will show up allowing to manually settle their transactions.

Note that if the user doesn’t manually settle their transactions after 10 minutes (600 seconds), they may still need to manually revert the transaction if the settlement bot is not running. If the settlement bot is up and running, then the transaction will be reverted by the bot. Reverted transactions will be shown as on users transaction history.

Stay tuned for further UI/UX updates in the near future and as always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any of the 24-hour available support staff on the Linear Finance Discord server.

Kind regards,

Linear Finance Team

About Linear Finance

Linear Finance is a cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol that allows users to get synthetic exposure to various assets, including cryptocurrency, commodities, and market indices. Users can utilize our cross-chain swap functionality to instantly swap assets across leading blockchain environments and DeFi protocols with unlimited liquidity and zero slippage.

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