Announcement on Bithumb Exchange’s DOSI Vault Whitelisting

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Hello, this is the LINE Blockchain team at LTP.

Starting from March 22nd, a non-custodial wallet exclusively for LINK(LN) called ‘DOSI Vault’ that users can manage and use on their own has been whitelisted on the Bithumb exchange. This allows users to quickly and conveniently withdraw their LINK(LN) held by Bithumb to DOSI Vault.

※A non-custodial wallet means a wallet that individuals have full control of. Users have full control over their private keys and assets.

● What is Bithumb exchange’s DOSI Vault whitelisting?

Bithumb exchange’s DOSI Vault whitelisting refers to the act of allowing users to register their DOSI Vault wallet address for external withdrawals of LINK(LN) to DOSI Vault on Bithumb exchange.

Currently, in order for users to withdraw their LINK(LN) held on Bithumb exchange to an external wallet, they need to register a separate wallet address, and only authenticated wallet addresses are allowed for external withdrawals.

Users who hold LINK(LN) on Bithumb exchange can now withdraw their LINK(LN) to the external wallet, DOSI Vault, from Bithumb exchange. For more information, please refer to the announcements on the Bithumb exchange and DOSI Vault.

☞Bithumb Announcements

☞DOSI Vault Announcements

If you haven’t downloaded DOSI Vault yet, you can download the official version of DOSI Vault from the DOSI Vault official website or from the App store for each OS(Android OS, iOS).

☞DOSI Vault Official Website


◼︎ Please note that the DOSI Vault whitelisting on Bithumb exchange is only available to Korean members who have completed KYC verification on Bithumb exchange.

◼︎ Currently, the wallet address verification for DOSI Vault whitelisting on Bithumb exchange is only available on Android mobile devices. The wallet address verification feature for iOS mobile devices will be provided in the near future.

LINE Blockchain Team is keep striving to create value for LN by expanding LN’s usage. Once again, thank you for supporting our journey toward an open network to shape a better, sound token economy. We will continue to do our best to provide services that can be used easily and safely not only by those who are blockchain services friendly but also by general users.

LINE Blockchain Team at LTP