Announcing the successful transition to the 3rd generation mainnet ‘Finschia’

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3 min readMay 25


Hello, this is the Finschia Foundation.

The Finschia mainnet was successfully upgraded on May 25, 2023 at 23:30 (UTC+9), starting with 55,791,218 block height.

The services that were suspended for the upgrade have resumed, and we hope you will continue to enjoy using our Finschia-based services and FNSA staking. Products and exchanges will support the newly changed digital asset name FINSCHIA and ticker symbol FNSA. However, there may be cases where the rebranding application has not been completed yet, and announcement details should be checked through each product or exchange.

This upgrade is the third milestone — the “Daphne-Finschia Mainnet Integration” — of the Finschia Foundation for the transition to the consortium system.

Finschia Foundation’s 2023 Q2–3 Milestones

  • First Milestone: Launch of the Finschia Foundation (done)
  • Second Milestone: Activation of the Token Economy 2.0 (done)
  • Third Milestone: Integration of Daphne and Finschia mainnet (done)
  • Fourth Milestone: Transition to a consortium system

❖ cf.) Finschia:The New Paradigm of Connecting Web3

Importance of Finschia upgrade

The integration of the 2nd-generation mainnet Daphne and the 3rd-generation mainnet Finschia was carried out to transition from the existing private blockchain to a public one. This is a necessary process for Finschia to expand Web3 globally and operate a transparent FNSA. Throughout this upgrade, we aim to stabilize the Token Economy 2.0 with a fair FNSA reward system and establish healthy governance for all members of the ecosystem to grow together.

Resumed services post Finschia mainnet upgrade

  • Token inflation
  • FINSCHIA staking service (e.g. staking, reward payments, unstaking/withdrawals)
  • Finschia and Daphne-based service operations (e.g. LINE Blockchain Explorer, LINE Blockchain Scan)
  • Trading, deposit and withdrawal services on each exchange (Please check the notices on each exchange’s home page for detailed schedules.)

Changes after the Finschia mainnet upgrade

❖ More details about the Finschia mainnet can be find here in the Finschia Docs (

❖ Finschia upgrade conformity: Anyone can verify the conformity of the Finschia upgrade through the information provided below.

The Finschia Foundation is on the track to be fully operational followed by the third and fourth milestones (Finschia Foundation Q2/Q3 Roadmap). With the launch of Finschia Governance 2.0 and the transition to a public blockchain through the consortium, Finschia will continue to make every effort to build and expand a healthy blockchain ecosystem.

We hope that everyone will enjoy the use of Finschia-based services and FNSA, as well as service contribution rewards, which are a key strategy of the Finschia token economy. This is an opportunity for all to contribute to the Finschia ecosystem through a virtuous cycle between users, the Finschia Foundation, and service providers, each of whom receive FNSA rewards based on their contributions.

We look forward to your contributions to the project, and we hope you will join us through this period of rapid growth. Thank you.

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Finschia Foundation

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Disclaimer: The FNSA staking and swapping activities available on the blockchain mainnet “Finschia” are not regulated and are not provided under the Finschia Foundation license.