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DOSI Vault Beta Launch and Important Notice of LN Transfer

Hello, this is the LINE Blockchain team at LTP.

LINE’s 3rd-generation blockchain network Finschia was released on December 22, 2022, and today, the LINK Wallet DOSI Vault Beta service has been launched. DOSI Vault is a non-custodial wallet where individuals have the full control, meaning that users have full access to their private keys and assets; thus full responsibility is highly required as a top priority.

Users now can store and transfer LINK safely and conveniently through the DOSI Vault Beta, and the DOSI Vault will be an optimal bridge for connecting Web3 services and the Finschia, which the DOSI Vault runs on and by.

DOSI Vault is 400 times faster in speed and uses gas fees that are 98% lower than Ethereum.

** LTP will not capitalize gas fees that occur before Token Economy 2.0 gets into operation.

Please refer to the following precautions to ensure safe LINK storage and the deposit/withdrawal service.

■ DOSI Vault Beta supports LN storage and the deposit/withdrawal service only.

■ When transferring LN from DOSI Vault Beta to an address on the Bamboo chain, LN will be lost and cannot be recovered.

  • Bamboo address system: hx80F8d8036275532B8C00f400a8eAE002dE88c238
  • Finschia address system: link1iukazcrtk517u53h9l2l7cythd09c5e8kyAt6c

■ DOSI Vault Beta does not support NFT transfer and NFT deposit/withdrawal functions.

  • DOSI Wallet and LINE BIMAX Wallet handle NFTs only and they are not compatible with DOSI Vault Beta.
  • When transferring LN to DOSI Wallet or LINE BITMAX Wallet, LN will be lost and cannot be recovered.

■ Daphne address starts with the same link as the Finschia address system. But, Daphne and Finschia are two different chains that the deposit and withdrawal of each chain are not compatible.

■ DOSI Vault Beta service is NOT available in these countries and regions.

■ LN handling exchanges are as follows and the deposit and withdrawal services may be restricted or changed in line with exchange policies:

  • Huobi
  • MEXC
  • Bithumb (deposit available)
  • LINE BITMAX (deposit/withdrawal not available)

For more information, please refer to this announcement made by the DOSI Vault.

Once again, we thank you for supporting our first leap toward an open network to create a better, sound token economy. We will continue to do our best to provide services that can be used easily and safely not only by those who are familiar with blockchain services but also by everyday users.

LINE Blockchain Team at LTP



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