Finschia’s service contributor appointed: DOSI

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3 min readMay 24


Hello, this is the Finschia Foundation.

In April, the detailed policy for Service Contribution Reward(SCR), one of the key reward strategies of Finschia Token Economy 2.0, was released. Service contribution refers to directly contributing to on-chain LINK payments, and service contributors include general users as well as Finschia-based web services or apps.

Service contributors develop and operate Finschia-based services, facilitating user contributions to the Finschia ecosystem through on-chain payments and transactions. They receive rewards based on their contributions to the ecosystem. By increasing the usability and demand for LINK within these services, a virtuous cycle is created, enhancing the value of LINK and encouraging more user participation.

Here we will introduce the first service contributor of the Finschia, DOSI.


DOSI is an Asia №1 NFT Platform created by LINE, a mobile platform company with 200 Million global users. DOSI’s mission is to popularize NFT, and it offers 1) Brand Stores, 2) Easy Payment, and 3)Special Memberships to accomplish it.

DOSI launched beta in 180 countries around the world in September 2022. Since then, it has created the fastest-growing global Web3 ecosystem by making ‘4 Million+ Wallets, 280,000+ NFT transactions, and 100+ Registered users nationalities’ in five months. (Source: LINE NEXT Inc., April 2 of ’23)


Who sets the service contributor policy?

  • Each service provider determines and promotes its own detailed reward policies and reward distribution schedule. The Finschia Foundation does not intervene in that process at all. However, the Finschia Foundation will strengthen transparency and develop various policies for the benefit of service providers and users.

How are the service contribution rewards distributed?

  • The rewards will be settled monthly, which means the rewards are distributed in the next month for the contributions that occurred in the current month. The actual amount and schedule of rewards that users receive vary by service, so please contact each service provider for detailed reward settlement.

Where can I find the service contribution policy?

  • An English version of the policy can be found here, and the policy defines the reward assessment, reward distribution process, usage, and more.

Where can I find the list of service contributors?

  • A list of service contributors will be released on the Finschia Foundation’s official site (planned for June) and will be updated as necessary.

How can I become a Finschia service contributor?

  • More details will be provided on the official Finschia Foundation site soon. In the meantime, please contact the Finschia Foundation at

Among numerous blockchain projects, Finschia has adopted the Token Economy 2.0 and service contribution rewards as differentiation strategies, focusing on service growth and generating token demand to expand Web3 businesses and operate LINK transparently. While DOSI is undoubtedly one of Finschia’s main dApps, achieving Finschia’s vision of becoming the №1 blockchain used by 1 billion users will require close cooperation with leading partners. Therefore, Finschia aims to establish the proper standards for Web3, ensuring a seamless transition from Web 2.0 to Web3 while integrating Finschia-based services into everyone’s daily life.

We invite you to join us in this exciting phase of rapid growth, and we appreciate your continued support.

We are the blockchain for all.

Finschia Foundation