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LINE Blockchain 2021 Plans

Hello, this is LINE Blockchain Team.

Welcome to the first Annual Business Plan published by LINE Blockchain.

With this document, LINE Blockchain aims to clarify how it does business and disseminates information.


■ To expand the LINE Blockchain ecosystem
■ To ensure the health of the LINE Blockchain ecosystem as it expands by increasing transparency and understanding of the LINE Blockchain project


■ This notice sets out the future plans for LINE Blockchain’s planned expansion of the LINE Blockchain ecosystem. All policies concerning LINE Blockchain will continue to be governed by the Whitepaper.
■ The plans set out in the notice have not been executed yet (as of the publication date) and may be subject to change subject to the developments in the market in future, evolving laws and regulations and other commercial considerations. It is difficult to predict how some of these developments may affect LINE Tech Plus and LINK, and it is possible that LINE Tech Plus (and/or its affiliates) may cease support for LINK in the event that regulatory actions, or changes to the law or regulations, make it illegal to operate in any jurisdiction, or commercially undesirable to obtain the necessary regulatory approval(s) to operate in such a jurisdiction. There may also be unforeseen technical difficulties and shortages of development funds for activities which will affect the development of the items mentioned in this notice. We will provide occasional updates for LINK users about LINE Blockchain’s plans, and you can follow our developments at to keep up to date about the latest status.
■ Please note that there is no guarantee or assurance of value or liquidity for LINK, and LINK is not for speculative investment. The price of LINK may fluctuate or may lose all value. Neither LINE Tech Plus, its affiliates, nor other ecosystem members shall be responsible or liable for the value of LINK, the transferability and/or liquidity of LINK and/or the availability of any market for LINK through third parties or otherwise.
■ To the maximum extent permitted by law, LINE Tech Plus, its affiliates and/or other ecosystem members shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other losses of any kind, in tort, contract or otherwise (including, without limitation, any liability arising from default or negligence on the part of any of them, or any loss of revenue, income or profits, and loss of use or data) arising from the use of LINK’s Whitepaper or any other materials or information published, or its contents or otherwise arising in connection with the same. Prospective purchasers of LINK should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties (including financial and legal risks and uncertainties) associated with LINK.


■ LINE Blockchain has been building a basic platform and regulatory system to implement the LINE Blockchain and token economy since the start of the project in 2018.
■ LINE Blockchain intends to expand the liquidity and usability of LINK and realize the popularization of LINE Blockchain by expanding new services and blockchain-based dApps starting this year, 2021.


1. Business Plan

1–1. Adding exchanges where LINK is listed:

To expand LINK’s liquidity
To expand the number of LINK holders and its usage
□ We aim to expand LINK’s liquidity by listing on new exchanges. Listed exchanges are selected by LINE Tech Plus based on a thorough analysis of each exchange, including the exchange’s liquidity, regulatory response and operational ability.

1–2. Partnership with payment gateways:

To expand the practicality of LINK
To strengthen the LINK ecosystem, boost demand, and enhance LINK circulation
□ We plan to partner with payment providers where LINK can be used as a payment method in the real economy, and if one holds LINK in countries where the following partnership is established, anyone can use it for real-world transactions. However, while this is intended to promote the circulation of LINK by expanding its actual usage, payment services will be limited in some markets depending on their regulatory environment, including Singapore.

1–3. Expansion of NFT-related services:

To discover new blockchain-based user values
To strengthen the LINK ecosystem, boost demand, and enhance LINK circulation
□ We plan to extend the blockchain services where LINE Blockchain’s NFT technology can be utilized so that users can employ blockchain-based transactions and the LINK ecosystem will continue to grow.

1–4. Expansion of dApps:

To diversify blockchain-related services
To strengthen the LINK ecosystem, boost demand, and enhance LINK circulation
□ We plan to expand dApp partnerships in various fields, such as fintech, content, and gaming, in order to create real user value by growing the usage options available for blockchain and crypto assets.

** All plans mentioned here are unrealized, thus they are subject to change or deletion anytime depending on the situation of the market, regulatory environment or business development. In the event of major changes, the reason for the change and revised contents may be posted, and detailed notices will be made through LINE Blockchain’s official channel only when the business plan is implemented in practice.
** All business plans can be implemented directly by LINE Tech Plus or through partnerships with LINE’s internal or external services.

2. LINK Issuance Plan

2–1. Purpose of New LINK Issuance and Distribution:

LINK will be newly issued and circulated as user rewards, and distributed according to the principles of LINK issuance and LINE Blockchain’s 2021 business plan.
□ User rewards for those who use LINK as payment and lending, to expand the usage of it
□ User rewards for those who contribute to the service by activating dApps and the LINE Blockchain platform
□ DApps acceleration

2–2. Volume of New Circulating Supply (estimated):

Period: 2021.01.01–2021.12.31
Volume of new circulating supply:
□ Legal tender based: JPY 10 billion — JPY 20 billion worth of LINK (based on the price at the time of actual distribution)
□ LINK based: 414,972 LN ~ 829,944 LN (based on the 30 day average closing price)
□ Issuance based : 6.86% ~ 13.72%
□ Estimated circulation : 6,459,971 LN ~ 6,874,943 LN

The volume of the new circulating supply is an estimate and may vary according to the expansion and activation of dApp services, user participation, and market price of LINK.
The reason for such changes and revised contents may be posted in the event of major fluctuations in the volume of the new LINK circulating supply. The actual circulating volume may decrease when the LINK price increases by more than the time of disclosure.
New circulating supply refers to the quantity that can be issued and distributed in addition to the cumulative issuance amount (6,044,999 LN) as of this document’s publication date.

2–3. Definition of LINK Issuance Limit and the Circulation Amount

□ LINK issuance is capped at 100 million for three (3) years from its initial issuance, with 5% increases annually thereafter. That means the issuance limit becomes 105,000,000 LN in the fourth year and 110,250,000 LN in the fifth year, etc.
□ However, “LINK issuance limit” does not refer to the LINK circulating supply. The actual supply distributed to users increases gradually as the ecosystem expands. There will be no actual additional circulating supply if there is no user participation in the dApps, even if the LINK has been issued already.
□ The initial issuance date of LINK was September 3, 2018, so the original three (3) year period ends on September 4, 2021. The first one (1) year increase in the issuance limit occurs on September 4, 2021.
□ With LINK being distributed gradually through our user reward system, we have two different categories for how we classify rewards: the amount of the issuance limit (Issuance, Mint) issued and stored by the LINK Blockchain on the chain, and the amount of the circulating supply distributed to the market through repeated dApp usage. (Whitepaper)

** The issuance and distribution plans for LINE Blockchain included in this disclosure are estimates and are subject to change depending on the expansion and activation of dApp services, user participation, and the market price of LINK. The reason for such changes and revised contents may be posted in the event of major fluctuations in the volume of the new LINK circulating supply.

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