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LINE Blockchain Developers is now open

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LINE Blockchain Developers is now open!

LINE Blockchain Developers is designed to help you make a stable and sustainable blockchain ecosystem, and also create new business opportunities.

LINE Blockchain Developers’ Key Features are:

1. Design your own token economy
Easily build unique token economy using LINE Blockchain Developers console.
Before launching real service, developers can issue tokens and test service on the testnet.

2. Tokenize and manage assets
You can tokenize many sorts of tangible/intangible goods or rights and manage them on your blockchain services.
* Legal compliance necessary for tokenization.

3. Protecting Blockchain Asset securely
Using private keys, you can safely manage your blockchain assets.

4. Easy blockchain implementation
LINE Blockchain Developers provide RESTful API so the developers can integrate services with blockchain with no special knowledge in smart contracts.

5. Fully Managed Blockchain Network
LINE Blockchain Developers is a fully managed service that does not require you to operate nodes to participate in the network. Create and manage your own network with ease using open APIs to help you.

6. Seamless LINE integration
The tokens issued with the services developed by LINE Blockchain Developers can be integrated and managed with LINE ID-based BITMAX Wallet, making service building and partial integration with LINE’s user base possible.


Please also note that LINE’s digital asset wallet ‘BITMAX Wallet’ has been released today and the service is available in Japan.



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