LINK’s Additional Listing on Bithumb

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Feb 22


Hello, this is LINE Blockchain Team from LTP (hereinafter “LINE Blockchain”).

Thank you for waiting. Bithumb, one of the exchanges that list LINK has additionally listed LINK on the KRW market. LINK holders in Korea can now trade LINK for BTC or KRW via Bithumb.

[ Summary]

  • Listed Token: LINK (LN)
  • Listed Exchange: Bithumb
  • Listing Pair: LN/KRW
  • Listing Schedule: 2023/02/22

For more information on the listing, please refer to the announcement from the exchange.

► Listing Announcement:

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LINE Blockchain team always strives to stimulate the blockchain ecosystem and token economy.

Thank you for your support and interest in LINE Blockchain.

LINE Blockchain Team