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Mobile LINK(LN) payment service Open and DOSI Vault mobile app(Android) release

Hello, this is the LINE Blockchain team at LTP.

The long-awaited mobile LINK (LN) payment service has been opened with the launch of the DOSI Vault mobile app(Android).

> Download the DOSI Vault (Android) App:

*DOSI Vault mobile app(iOS) is being prepared for release, and LN payment is not supported on iOS devices currently.

From now on, the full version of DOSI Vault service can be used in both Chrome Extension and mobile app(Android). By linking with DOSI Wallet, you can trade DOSI NFT with LINK (LN) on both PC and mobile.

> Go to the official DOSI Vault website:

► What is DOSI Vault?

DOSI Vault is a non-custodial wallet* exclusively for LINK(LN) that users can directly manage and use.

※ A non-custodial wallet means a wallet that individuals have full control of. Users have full control over their private keys and assets.

If you are a user of the existing DOSI Vault Chrome Extension full version, you can move your account from your PC to your mobile and use it as it is through easy linkage with the DOSI Vault mobile app(Android).

DOSI Vault’s user guide, including mobile app(Android) linkage, can be found on the DOSI Vault official website or the DOSI Medium channel ( The DOSI Vault mobile app (iOS) will also be released sequentially in the near future, so please look forward to it.

LINE Blockchain Team is keep striving to create value for LN by expanding LN’s usage. Once again, thank you for supporting our journey toward an open network to shape a better, sound token economy. We will continue to do our best to provide services that can be used easily and safely not only by those who are blockchain services friendly but also by general users.

LINE Blockchain Team at LTP



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