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[PR] Introducing LINE’s Global NFT Platform — DOSI

Build Your Own Virtual Universe

For our LINE Blockchain supporters, we’re pleased to announce a sneak peek at DOSI.

LINE NEXT has released a teaser page that heralds the launch of a new global NFT platform ‘DOSI,’ which support 8 languages for 180 countries. DOSI — the Korean word for city (도시) is an all-in-one NFT publishing platform powered by LINE and LINE Blockchain. Designed for everyone, DOSI welcomes brands everywhere that want to build an NFT storefront and engage with their fans around the globe.

The official lunch of the platform will be within the first quarter of 2022, and the global lineup (partners and creators) will be unveiled soon. For more information, visit the DOSI teaser page (


Based in Korea and United States, LINE NEXT is focused on developing and growing the global NFT business. Through blockchain and NFT technology, LINE NEXT aims to provide new digital experiences and lead the way into the future.

Read original PR (Korean):

LINE Blockchain, Designed for Everyone

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Designed for Everyone

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