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[PR] LINE Blockchain to Reach 1 Million Wallet Accounts

We’re pleased to announce that the number of wallets issued on the LINE Blockchain as of the end of January 2022 has exceeded 1 million in Japan. This is an overall great success since the LINE Blockchain project spurred in 2018 and that LINE Blockchain NFT Beta Market for Japan provided NFT trading since last summer.

As a partnership with LINE affiliates, various campaigns based on LINE Blockchain are being conducted. About 300,000 NFTs were issued for the LINE FRIENDS NFT collection, where users in Japan who successfully answered a quiz event on the LINE de Oubo platform collected the globally popular LINE FRIENDS characters.

LINE Blockchain is making a progress and providing the optimum conditions even for NFT newbies to easily understand the NFTs and get used to it.

Under the concept of “LINE Blockchain: Designed for Everyone,” LINE Blockchain aims to provide blockchain services and the best technologies such as NFT that can be practically applied to anyone’s daily life thus make added value.

*Please note that number of wallets includes wallets been granted for LINK rewards and/or NFT giveaway campaign.


Read original PR (Japanese):



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