NYC Flower Hustle

Nikki has been working with florists in Brooklyn and Manhattan since early August. Her primary gig is an internship with Brittany Asch of BRRCH Floral, which we’ll write about soon, but she’s also had the opportunity to meet and work for many other amazing designers.

My favorite part of each day is waiting for Nikki to come home, after stalking her over Instagram, so I can hear about everything she did and learned. I think it’s pretty sweet that this experience she first began to dream of 2 years ago really happened.


August Sage & Violet

Inside the August Sage & Violet studio
August Sage & Violet wedding at PUBLIC

Miss Fancy Plants

Florals by Miss Fancy Plants
Stunning view of the East River for this Miss Fancy Plants wedding

Hawk & Hare

Florals by Hawk & Hare

Sarah Winward

At the Martha Stewart studio (assisting Sarah Winward on a photo shoot for Martha Stewart Weddings)


Florals by Saipua
Saipua wedding at The High Line Hotel

Bows + Arrows

By Bows + Arrows for Claire Pettibone bridal runway show in Manhattan
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