Want to spend less on quality translations?

To expand your business internationally you have to rely on quality translations delivered by skilled professionals but don’t be discouraged by high prices. Here are a few tips on how you can you save on your translations. Hint: it’s not by using machine translation.

I believe less is more and I always tried to rule my life by choosing quality over quantity. It’s my philosophy of life. This way I truly believe that we can do more if we focus on getting the best from the tools we have at hand. We don’t need to be constantly concerned with things we don’t have if we concentrate on doing our best with what we have available in the present.

I think the same applies to translation because it doesn’t matter we try to reach many people, instead we should get our messages across to those who really matter. For the companies planning to expand their businesses beyond borders, the translation costs might seem too high. However, it’s the kind of investment that pays off in the medium and long term. Here are a few tricks you can adopt to make this investment more efficient:

1) Going straight to the point

For many people writing in a concise manner is hard even though we have less chances of boring our readers and making them stop reading altogether. In addition, if you write less you could also save when ordering a translation. Take a look at the following two examples:

A) “Our goal is to simplify the process of human translation, so that our customers can access an intuitive platform, with a clear focus on usability and that allows them to easily interact with carefully selected qualified translators available to perform quality translation, proofreading and transcription tasks, always at affordable prices. On the other hand, we want our translators to be able to focus on the creative process, to develop their writing skills and have time to feel inspired to produce great written content.”

Now the short version:

B) “Our goal is to simplify the process of human translation to make it affordable to our customers through an intuitive new online platform and to create the right conditions for our carefully selected translators to develop their skills and inspiration to produce amazing content.”

The message is the same, but surely you can get more effective in grabbing your audience’s attention with the second example and you would also save almost half of the price when requesting a translation service. We need to focus on the content and weigh up all the words we use. But besides making sure the words we write are necessary, we also have to think about the way we want to deliver our message.

2) Test it first

We all know that good planning is halfway to success and the same rule applies when ordering a translation. If you want to grow internationally and are looking to expand to several countries, you may initially choose to test one or two languages until get the feedback from your customers and you feel comfortable working with your Language Service Provider. Armed with this knowledge, it’s easier for you to confirm you’re on the right track or to redefine your international communications strategy.

3) Optimize your content

To make the translation process more efficient and get faster results, it’s really useful to prepare beforehand the files you send to the translator:
- Make sure that the text is written in a clear, concise and free from grammatical or lexical errors that may slow down the job.
- Keep consistency in mind when choosing terminology and expressions so your audience can quickly familiarize with your texts.
- Avoid redundant terms and local idioms or cultural references specific to your business location that may be irrelevant to your target audience.
- Feel free to add instructions to your translator such as the context of your texts and clearly define your target audience. You can also add notes such as the style and tone of the message: formal or informal, objective or subjective, logical or emotional, serious or humorous, etc.

4) Technology at your service

Translation Memories (TMs) can be a great help to increase the speed, accuracy and consistency of translations and, at the same time, reduce its costs. A TM file keeps text segments and their translations for future reference. If you already have translation memories, our translators work with the most common computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools in the market. If you are just starting out then our team of translators would be glad to assist you creating your own TM files, so you can use them in the future allowing you to keep consistency in the way you communicate.

5) You get what you pay for

We all have been there: a great service or product looking very promising with a ridiculous low price. In fact, so low we can’t resist it. That initial excitement can quickly become a disappointment so you need to be careful when searching online for translation quotes. Ask yourself: am I sure that the service will be provided by qualified professionals? Is it worth risking my company’s image with a poor quality translation? All translators in our team are qualified native speakers, i.e., all the French (France) translations are only made by native professionals from France.

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who go through an extensive selection process and reference check. All of them have higher education qualifications and a deep knowledge of their native language, therefore, their fees should reflect the quality of the service they provide. In addition, our customers can assess their work satisfaction. That helps us to monitor the quality of the services we provide and ensure our team has high levels of motivation at all times.

6) Familiarity is helpful

We want to establish a long lasting relationship of trust with our customers and we work hard every day to meet or even exceed your expectations. By regularly tracking the needs of our customers we can adapt and improve the way we offer our services and help them getting translations in a more efficient and affordable way. We also offer discounts for our best customers.

We separate the wheat from the chaff

There are numerous Language Service Providers and choosing one give you many headaches. Lingfy wants to relieve the stress of that choice. We want to score the highest marks based on the criterias of quality, delivery speed and cost-benefit comparison analysis.

Quality translations should be available to all companies trying to expand their businesses internationally and we believe that you can only build an image of trust and reliability with your foreign customers by choosing quality content.

We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re satisfied with the results, but if that doesn’t happen we’ll assign a different translator free of charge to your assignment or we’ll refund your money.

We want to establish a relationship of trust with you so I leave you an invitation to try our services and hopefully surprise you with our translators’ performance and our agility.

Curious how quality translations could help your organization reach new international customers? Get an instant quote at Lingfy.com or drop us a line at hi@lingfy.com

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